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My Best Mormon Life: New Book Provides Honest Mormon Voice the World Has Been Searching For

Claiming to offer a totally new and unique insight into Mormonism, Jesse Elison’s latest book offers a fun yet brutal dissection of the Mormon faith and everything it stands for. As the author confidentially promises, readers are in for a shedload of eye-opening fun.


Missoula, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- With the recent General Election, the profile of Mormonism has never been higher. Like any national story, critics and the public at large are also asking questions about this often ignored part of the Latter Day Saint movement.

Thanks to ‘My Best Mormon Life’, a compelling new book by Jesse Elison, anyone with an open mind is invited to view Mormonism in a totally fresh and unique light.


The book covers his youth growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho to his graduate education at Harvard Divinity School. It covers experiences at BYU and on a Mormon proselytizing mission in Atlanta, Georgia. It highlights influences from older bull riding brothers to a love of film. It's filled with wrestling, bull riding, ballet, theology, literature, philosophy, and it's all accessible. It's bound by the meaning of the life and death of the writer's mother. He pulls the covers off Mormon's holy concept of the eternal family, the god Mormon's worship, and the Book of Mormon. And leaves something more substantial in each of their places.

The book is narrative driven by events in his life and mixes essays on topics ranging from the Apostle Paul's harm to individual flourishing to Mormonism's greatest and unknown philosopher, who accurately conjectured dark energy was a major composition of the universe before any modern day physicist. It also discusses the purpose of the author of the Book of Acts not unknown to the readers of his day but to the readers of today, until now. The book is overwhelmingly positive in its aim to never stop questioning. While it is critical of everything under the sun, from religion to education, the intent is to examine foundations and build from them to a better approach with the world we experience. It's also a lot of fun.

As the author explains, his book is unlike anything ever written before.

“There's never been a view of Mormonism like it. No really. This story is important because it is an honest voice in Mormonism about all the holy cows and while after dissecting them they emerge even better, because they are more real. The book not only reveals the weaknesses of Mormonism but also silences its critics,” says Elison.

Continuing, “Mormonism is currently extending unprecedented effort to be accepted by society and the larger Christian community. My book concludes Mormonism has far more to gain by focusing on its unique contributions than by gaining wider acceptance.”

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.
“The stories of bull riding and family life were especially entertaining. Mr. Elison paints a fascinating picture of life as a questioning and intelligent Mormon in this day and age,” says one reader, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader was equally as impressed, saying, “Elison seems to be a lifelong student never accepting quasi-facts at face value, and definitely not from hearsay. You don't have to read too far into My Best Mormon Life to get a sense for the Author's disposition on the need for truth and honesty.”

With the book’s popularity only expected to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

“My Best Mormon Life”, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/VQTmx3

About the Author: Jesse Elison
Jesse Elison was born in Belmont, Massachusetts, grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho, and lives in Missoula, Montana. He served a proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Atlanta, Georgia.

He studied at Brigham Young University, Harvard Divinity School, and University of Oregon. He is a corporate attorney. My Best Mormon Life is his first book.