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My Biological Age Has Reversed by Approx 2 Years with the Use of TA-65 States Dr. Dave


Fleetwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Dr. Dave Woynarowski, world renowned anti-ageing and life extension specialist, recently published an article on his personal blog which updates his health progress after consistently consuming the TA-65 since 2009. In this article Dr. Dave has stated that after his complete health checkup he has seen a significant improvement in his overall functioning and his biological age has ‘reversed’ to approximately 2 years.

In the past few years Dr. Dave has become a prominent figure that has questioned the traditional medical practices in the U.S. and has gained a significant following for his outspoken ways. His self research on relation between fish oil and prostate cancer caused a lot of buzz, as he consistently, citing medical studies, stated that fish oil and prostate cancer have no relation. Currently Dr. Dave is very focused on TA-65 & stem cell study and is providing various anti-ageing and longevity supplements.

‘Telomeres’ have become a popular medical study amongst doctors and pharmaceutical specialists as it is being considered as the major reason for biological aging. Dr. Dave has spent many years on how to either reduce the loss of telomere segments or lengthen them for significant longevity effects. His all natural TA-65 supplement, which has now become a major talking point in the medical industry, lengthens the telomeres in the body offering significant anti-ageing effects.

Specific details and numerous resources on Telomeres can be viewed on Dr. Dave’s official website, where he has openly shared his own intentions to do a study as well. Many articles on Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere & Stem Cell Study can also be viewed on his blog where he constantly updates his blog followers.

Despite offering numerous highly effective supplements, Dr. Dave will continue his study on stem cell hence his intention is TA-65 sale to fund telomere study. TA-65 is also the only commercially available product that has been thoroughly tested in human beings and proven in human studies to lengthen telomeres. Dr. Dave himself is consistently using the supplement and reporting back his health improvements in his blog, as well as improvements in his Life Length Assay testing showing improvements in his own telomere length.

Information on TA-65 and other similar supplements by Dr. Dave can viewed on DrDavesBest.com where interested individuals can also purchase the required supplements. Since the main reason of Telomerase supplement TA-65 sale to fund telomere study, the products have been rightly priced according to the ease of availability of their ingredients.

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