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My Brother's Keeper: Brotherly Promises & Redemption Collide in Compelling New Novel

Monica Helene Thomas’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ fuses a gripping story of sibling love with one brother’s quest to escape a tumultuous life he can’t let go of. Above all, Thomas’s novel reminds all readers that letting go of the past is easier said than done…


Gainesville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Most people would do anything for their siblings. However, a powerful and thought-provoking new novel by Monica Helene Thomas proves that keeping a pact to always have a brother’s back doesn’t always end as intended.

‘My Brother’s Keeper’ dives deep into the crime underworld and into the lives of four brothers who claim to stick together at all costs. However, when one breaks away from his detrimental life and vows to start a fresh, readers are left questioning if second chances really exist at all.


This novel is about four brothers who had lost their parents at early ages. They were forced to be raised by relatives. Due to being raised up in poverty, these brothers learned how to survive on the streets by defending for each other. Each one of these brothers lived a life of crime, gambling and drug dealing.

But one of the brothers by the name Reshard Simmons decided he was tired of the thug life and wanted to settle down and write about his past experiences. But as soon as he thought he had put that life behind him, that's when he realizes the more he tried to change, the more things still remained the same.

All four brothers made a pact that no matter what any of them got themselves into, the other brothers would have their backs. But in the end ask yourselves, did these four brothers really have each other's backs? Also think about the great lengths these brothers took to get some payback, was it really all worth it? You decide.

As the author explains, every reader will be able to relate to her narrative in some way.

“At some point in our lives, we all want to leave the past behind and start a fresh. However, my story makes it clear that pulling up life’s anchor is by no means easy; it’s sometimes impossible. Until you really let go of things, you’ll always be bound and trapped by what you’re trying to leave behind,” says Thomas.

Continuing, “You can’t expect to get very far until you’ve given up every last shred. My protagonist wants this so badly, but he is bound by a pact that he formed with his brothers years earlier; a pact that could now be stalling his own progress. It’s a very interesting concept that will certainly leave readers with plenty to think about.”

“My Brother’s Keeper”, published by America Star Books, is available now: http://amzn.to/1k8GU6B.

More information can be found on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1hyf6UG.

About Monica Helene Thomas
The author lives in Florida.