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My Dental Wig Receives New Orange County Sales Manager

A happy story from the new dental alternative for dental implants and dentures


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2019 -- My Dental Wig, a Los Angeles County company is excited to announce its new Orange County Sales Manager, Dan Curtin, MBA, MAOM.

The problems associated with dental implants cannot ever be over emphasized, the MyDentalWigdevice being its safest, less costly alternative and which has people telling a new happy story. One suchsuccessful and happy experience comes from Dan Curtin, now the new Orange County Sales Manager of MyDentalWig. Dan is in his 60s and had the same problem almost everyone experiences as they age, his dental health was deteriorating, and his dentist made him a denture to fill in the missing teeth in his upper jaw. Did this work? Hear Dan in his own words:

"I rarely used the denture as I found it to be uncomfortable and a poor fit even after several adjustments. The wires dug into existing teeth andhurt my gums. I could not keep them in as the plastic covered the entire roof of my mouth. "

Two years ago, Dan attended a local health fair and there was the My Dental Wig "non denture" company booth. Since he could no longer afford dental implants and didn't like the dentures from his dentist either, he decided to try it out.

Today living in Leisure World in Seal Beach, California, Dan has a new happy story to tell;

"The Dental Wig device greatly improved the quality of my life. Itdoesn't hurt my gumsand there ismuch less plastic in my mouth. I can now chew properly, anything I want to eat. I have more confidence when I go out in public, not worried about showing my teeth in conversations. It is so comfortable that I wear it 24/7 and only take it out to clean it and brush my remaining teeth"

Dan'sstory is not just peculiar to him. Hisgreat experience brought about the beginning of his wife's happy story too. Dan's wife had two dentures made by her dentist (one for her upper jaw and one her lower jaw) left in a drawer; she never wore them at all. A year after seeing her husband wearing and eating everything with My Dental Wig, she decided to go ahead and order hers. After eight monthsnow, she still has her Dental Wigs on her upper and lower jaw. She eats and sleeps with them; they are not in the drawer.

The MyDentalWig revolution does not only bring a smile to its users but peace of mind. Its "Buy OnceSmile Forever" plan is a breath of fresh air and a great alternative to dental insurance and dental saving plans. Dan made four monthly payments before getting his Dental Wig made. Even though he has dental insurance, he looked into My Dental Wig "Buy Once Smile Forever"plan on one jaw and found out that, it worked for him, because it pays for what matters most: getting his current Dental Wig false teeth renewed in 36 months. "Buy Once Smile Forever" has it all.

The fact is, even after paying for Dental insurance or a dental saving plan, it doesn't work: the replacement of missing teeth is still out of pocket.

Dan signed up for "Buy Once Smile Forever" for one jaw, he is making his monthly payments, he has peace of mind. He is fully covered.

Today, Dan is excited to join the My Dental Wig Company as the Orange County Sales Manager, because, he wants to share his own story to help other people like himwho have been suffering with dentures that do not work. People deserve to know about how great the Dental Wig product is.

Will the next happy story be yours? Visit My Dental Wig webstore at to get your story started.

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