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"My Electric Cigarette" Features Reviews on Electronic Cigarette Brands, Announces Upcoming Sales


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2011 -- The holiday season is coming up fast and around the world people are busy trying to decide what to buy for the favorite people on their gift-giving list.

One product that has attracted a lot of attention recently is the electric cigarette, also known as the e-cigarette and smokeless cigarette. It has not taken long for the electric cigarette to attract smokers of all ages from all over the globe.

A website that provides reviews for many brands of electronic cigarettes is currently busy keeping tabs on which electric cigarette companies will be offering sales on their products for the upcoming holiday season.

My Electric Cigarette, which also includes a variety of educational articles and posts about electric cigarettes, recently announced that the V2 Cigs company—one of the businesses reviewed on the website—will be having a Black Friday sale that will actually last through the entire holiday weekend and beyond for a total of 5 days.

From November 24 through 28, V2 Cigs everything storewide will be 15 percent off. For additional savings, customers can use the coupon code MYELECTRICCIGARETTE15 during the sale for an additional 15 percent off any starter kit. They can also use coupon code MYELECTRICCIGARETTE for an additional 10 percent off anything else. Click here for more information about the V2 Cigs Sale.

“The V2 electronic cigarette is an economical brand that sets itself away from the pack of other economical selections, all other brands really, by producing gallons more vapor than their competitors,” an article on the My Electric Cigarette website explained.

“V2 definitely offers unbeatable value and quality at the moment, especially for the price! The many other electric cigarette companies are going to have to up their game to keep up with V2.”

Using the My Electric Cigarette website is easy; just log on to the user-friendly home page and browse through the many comprehensive reviews of the various electric cigarette brands. Tabs located at the top of the page allow visitors to search for reviews of particular companies alphabetically. Customers may click on links that take them directly to the other e-cigarette companies’ websites.

As an article on the website explained, more and more smokers are saying farewell to traditional smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes and that e-cigarettes have already earned a distinction with regard to its healthy results.

“The electronic cigarette has been introduced as a tool for smoking cessation. This electrical device aims at simulating the act of traditional smoking producing an inhaled vapor which bears the physical experience, appearance and often the same flavor of traditional cigarette.”

About My Electric Cigarette:
My Electric Cigarette is a website devoted to providing reviews for electronic cigarette brands. The company’s staff keeps close watch on the latest sales and deals that are available from e-cigarette companies, and is committed to updating its visitors on upcoming holiday specials. The website also features informative articles about e-cigarettes and their features. For more information, please visit http://www.myelectriccigarette.org/v2-cigs