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My Father's Prostitute: U.S. Man's Raw & Gritty Memoir Exposes Story of Stolen Childhood; Offering Solace to Those Stuck in Shackles of Sexual Abuse

Written from the heart, ‘My father’s Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood’ takes readers deep into the life of author Steven Whitacre and his brutal abusive childhood. Aside from being one of the few published accounts of male childhood sexual abuse, Whitacre’s acutely-honest accounts also detail his long journey to healing in the hope that others suffering in silence can find the hope they crave.


Kirkland, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- While hundreds of books recount the harrowing abuse of women and young girls, almost all male victims prefer to remain silent about their plight. However, having lived in the shadow of childhood sexual abuse his entire life, Steven Whitacre has finally decided that it is time to break his silence, share his story and urge others to recognize the hope that does exist.

Everything is exposed in ‘My Father’s Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood’. Whitacre’s memoir pulls no punches when showcasing the ferocity of sexual abuse towards boys and men; a subject often swept under the rug by the public and the media.


"Powerful", "Compelling", "A story well worth writing" - this is what people are saying about this honest, and sometimes brutal, true story of one man's struggle growing up in the shadow of childhood sexual abuse. From his difficulties growing up, to his drug addiction, failed relationships, and struggles with parenthood, the author takes us through the ups and downs of a life spent in the shadows, trying to make sense of the events that formed the basis of his being. Sometimes tragic, sometimes hopeful, but never sugar coated, My Father's Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood takes the reader on an emotional ride which reminds us that the human spirit is more powerful than the demons that haunt us.

“There has never a book like this written before,” admits Whitacre. “It’s one of the few accounts of childhood sexual abuse that goes beyond the act itself to divulge the lifelong struggles victims are forced to endure as they live in the shadows of their torment. However, as the book’s over-riding undertone makes clear – hope is never lost.”

Continuing, “Even though my childhood pushed me into addiction as an adult, readers will discover how I slowly began to heal from my past and make that life-changing transposition from victim to victor. The good news is that anyone else can do the same; my book will guide them through their first faltering steps.”

Almost thirty reviews on Amazon sing praises for Whitacre’s memoir. Andrew Seltzer comments, “The far-reaching effects of abuse, as Steven painfully recalls, go far beyond the pain of the abused. This a hauntingly honest memoir which addresses the paradox of being abused and protected by the same person. Having that person at the same time represent all that is safe AND all that is not has impact that reaches far beyond the abused. Extremely well written, Steven shares his pain, but also his hope.”

Victoria Mae adds, “Steven Whitacre is a true inspiration to those that have suffered at the hands of others. His story is well told. The emotionless shell of a person he became. The struggles with alcohol and drugs to maintain that shell and the protective fortress he built around himself. I could relate all the way through the book.”

Melanie Vallee was truly inspired by the book, writing, “Whitacre's story is evidence of the strength of the human spirit. I liken his book to the movie Rocky. Like Rocky, Whitacre overcame the odds and wrestled the enemy to uncover and bring to light what was always inside: a pure heart filled with love and compassion.”

‘My Father’s Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1oOavFQ.

For more information, follow the author and the book’s progress on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAWhitacre.

About Steven Whitacre
Steven Whitacre lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and daughter(s), their 3 cats, and their 2 dog. An IT consultant during the week, Steven can typically be found out and about on any of the regions hundreds of trails on the weekends, enjoying the fresh air and staying in touch with nature.