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My Findy Launches Indiegogo Fundraising Bid for App Development

My Findy is a new application currently entering the final stages of development and promises to make losing valuable items a thing of the past.


Borough, East Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Millions of people waste time, energy, and money every single day, losing and trying to find the valuable things they need and use. In order to save time hunting down valuable items such as wallets, keys, passports and laptops, My Findy is developing the next phase of its Bluetooth based tracking technology. Previously created as a home solution, the company are now developing a mobile App that will allow the same functionality anywhere a user goes.

The solution makes use of small Bluetooth transmitter-receivers using four lights and a tiny speaker attached to valuable objects. These can then be triggered remotely via a mobile phone to help people quickly and effectively track down their valued items. My Findy are working on an initiative to make the Bluetooth attachments waterproof and also have a leash feature which will notify users if an item has been disconnected.

Users can synch up to ten items on their My Findy account and can even share their information with family and close friends so that people can help find something even if the owner is out of the house. The Bluetooth transmitter will even be able to log the last GPS location of an item so keys could be recovered even if dropped in the middle of a field. It promises to eliminate one of life’s little annoyances entirely.

Another ingenious piece of functionality allows users to receive the coordinates of their lost item if someone close to it who also owns the App. Only the owner will receive these coordinates so there are no privacy issues.

Findy Spokesman and Developer Adrian Young explained, “Through our Indiegogo campaign, we’re already gaining valuable support for the App. Using My Findy App makes use of fantastic, simple technology, as well as an Android or iOS phone, to keep track of all your important items. No more searching every corner of your house or car for the item in question. With My Findy App, users will be able to find misplaced items with complete ease. By supporting the Indiegogo campaign, users will guarantee themselves special incentives so that they can make the best of the app when it is released.”

Findy Spokesman and Developer Adrian Young continued:

“We have all been working extremely hard over the last few months to come up with not just a product but an idea, something that can really help people. The whole team has been set a huge task, but we have worked day and night to produce a great product which will benefit people from all walks of life. I am very proud of the team and what we have collectively achieved.”

About My Findy App
The My Findy home solution allows individuals to find their valuables anywhere in their home. The My Findy app now applies the same technology through all Android/iOS devices to allow individuals to find their valuables anywhere within 50-150 feet of the device using Bluetooth technology. For more information, please visit: