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My Fitness Pal Blogger Ricky Publishes New Insights Into Yacon Syrup as a Weight Loss Aid

My Fitness Pal blogger Coach Ricky has created a new blog post discussing the benefits of Yacon Syrup for significant and sustainable weight loss, including a fitness challenge and product recommendations.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- In the world of nutritional science, new discoveries are being made every day as to how different properties interact with our bodies to stimulate different effects. One such is example is that of Yacon Syrup, a traditional root plant extract that has been used in the Andes for thousands of years as a natural aid for those with diabetes. The root has been found to have certain compounds that aid the body’s natural processes in shedding extra weight, and My Fitness Pal’s blogger Ricky has explained these in detail to help people try out this best selling supplements.

The blog post (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/rickymeyers1/view/-the-yacon-craze-why-you-need-to-try-this-syrup-620483) covers everything from the taste of the syrup to the original scientific study which spring-boarded it to common use as a supplement, with information on where to buy the best quality Yacon supplements included. Their review says the product gets a massive 9.8 out of ten balanced across five distinct categories of assessment.

The post (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/rickymeyers1/view/-the-yacon-craze-why-you-need-to-try-this-syrup-620483) also describes the processes by which Yacon syrup helps people to lose weight, levelling out the body’s sugars to kill cravings that make people choose fatty foods. It also speeds up the metabolism to contribute toward the faster burning of excess calories. This combination is extremely effective when combined with regular exercise.

A spokesperson for Ricky explained, “Coach Ricky is one of our most valued bloggers and has really come to bat for us with his latest insights into Yacon Syrup, which not only include valuable insights on how it works to help consumers feel confident in buying it, but also comprehensive purchasing advice to make sure people get it right first time. The guide is a full introduction, review, recommendation and editorial about the benefits and advantages of the product, meaning our users can benefit sooner rather than later.”

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