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My Fun Life MLM Official Launch Is Now Less Than One Week Away


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- My Fun Life MLM, a new multi-level marketing system that can help people earn a significant passive income from home, is about a week away from its official launch. A young man named Jacob is a founding member of My Fun Life MLM; he wants to help others create a successful smart phone app business within the MLM business model. Through his BIZZAMBO distributorship and an online teambuilding system called The Instant Downline, people will get access to an automated and free team recruitment system that was designed exclusively for My Fun Life MLM.

During the My Fun Life MLM pre-launch time period, thousands of people have pre-registered for the system. Those who are interested in securing a founding position are still welcome to register before My Fun Life MLM officially takes off.

In recent years, multi-level marketing systems have grown rapidly in popularity. As the economy continues to struggle in many parts of the world, many people are becoming interested in learning more about MLM systems and how they can help them earn residual income by working from home.

As an article about the My Fun Life MLM compensation plan explains, participants need just 12 people in their company in order to get back their monthly investment of $21; in essence, this will allow them to be part of the program for free. By using the power of something called the 3x10 Forced Matrix, people can build a successful system that can pay out an often impressive amount of income.

“A problem that other matrix compensation plans have is that if a member in the matrix drops out… that position’s money making ability is lost… Not with the My Fun Life MLM,” Jacob wrote in the article, adding that in the event that someone discontinues their membership, the positions below their position will “compress”.

Anybody who is interested learning more about the My Fun Life MLM Founders Team is welcome to “like” their Facebook page, there, people can also read in-depth articles about the Forced Matrix system as well as up-to-date information about the launch of the program.

About My Fun Life MLM
Jacob is a founding member of the My Fun Life MLM, his distributorship namely BIZZAMBO is in partnership with The Instant Downline (TID) to give all team members access to a free and automated team recruitment system specifically designed for the My Fun Life MLM. Anyone who joins Jacob and others at team BIZZAMBO will have access to this system, as well as plenty of training on how to build a successful smart phone app business within the My Fun Life MLM business model. For more information, please visit http://bizzambo.com.au