My History Digest Launches Kickstarter Project to Expand Publication of a New Digital Magazine Highlighting World History

Andrew C. Bartal & Team Are Committed to Publish Untold Stories Delivered via a Unique Digital Magazine Experience.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- For the past two years my History Digest has published a fascinating digital monthly history magazine app of the same title for the Windows 8 platform. They launched my History Digest in November 2012 with the belief that everyone should have easy, informative access to history through the discovery stories that the average reader just won’t find in conventional history books and history magazines. On top of their groundbreaking Windows 8 app, they also developed a mobile edition of my History Digest that provides daily history news on Windows mobile devices.

The success of their app lies in their realization that the traditional digital magazine structure available is very static in nature delivered primarily through PDF files that can’t give readers an enriched reading experience which is so important when trying to fully appreciate any given moment in history. Thinking outside the box and beyond the confines of a flat document, the my History Digest team tapped into the engaging multimedia power of the Windows 8 platform to give fans of history an entirely different reading experience. They pulled this off by adding several user-friendly functions to the app to improve the readability and vibrancy of the content. The historical value found within any issue of the magazine itself is unique in many ways among which is the editors’ ongoing task to identify and present the lesser-known and surprising aspects of historical events with some truly astonishing pictures of famous historical figures.

The editors monitor over 300 leading history magazines worldwide published in dozens of different languages giving them unfettered access to fascinating and previously untold (or rarely known) anecdotes from the annals of history. These historical briefs are translated into English and presented to app users eliminating the need for readers to search through dozens or perhaps hundreds of history-themed magazines and struggle with language translations in many cases. . My History Digest does all that for the user and provides readers with carefully selected, high quality content sure to entertain as much as educate.

Their goal is to expand their audience to reach out to more people than ever with the fascinating facts of the human race itself through the study of archaeology and history of cultures and countries who are oftentimes far removed from their own. Despite centuries of research and scholarship, there remains so much the world at large has no knowledge of. This startling revelation led to the team’s desire to share such timeless treasures of knowledge with the world via every major digital platforms.

To that end they have embarked on an ambitious mission to translate their Windows app to the iOS and Android platforms and smartphone devices expanding their audience reach to hundreds of millions of people. That’s when the my History Digest turned to the public for help from every corner of the world.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is sought to finish these new versions. Funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign are dedicated towards the completion and improvement of the development of the iOS and Android versions of the my History Digest app. Their modest goal of £3,500 is what they need to complete app development on these new platforms. Any additional fund raised will be put towards further improvement including the creation of magazine content and related publishing rights as well as editing, publishing and promotional costs necessary to promote awareness of this ongoing project.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on October 5, 2014.

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