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My Identity Christ-Is: New Christian Coming-of-Age Book Series Teaches Perseverance, Endurance and Importance of Christ Jesus.

My Identity Christ-Is’ teaches youngsters the word of God in a fun, engaging and highly relevant story format.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- As children move into their tween years, a radical transformation takes places to their thought processes and outlook on life. Realizing the importance of helping everyone find out ‘who’ they are in Christ Jesus, writer S.L. Holliday announces a new series of books that are offer a vital life lesson.

Teaching the word of God in a way that can be understood and applied to real life, the ‘My Identity Christ-Is’ series catches preteens just as they are discovering who they really are.

The series’ first book, ‘Stay in the Game’ offers a compelling plotline.


Let the games begin! When 13 year old Victoria decides to run for class president, it's sure to be one of the most dramatic events of the year. Especially since her running opponent turns out to be her nemesis... Oh Joy! The candidates disagree on everything, right down to fund raisers!

To make matters worse, Joy will go to any length to win and as a result, she uses every sneaky trick in the book - one in which could possibly cost Victoria the election! Victoria is strong-willed and determined, but all this fighting can't go on without taking its toll. Victoria must choose between ignoring Joy, getting even, or just plain giving up! Or, will she lean on God and "stay in the game"?

As the author explains, the book serves a vital dual purpose.

“I believe that one of the best attributes of this story is that it will engage readers and sneak in a life lesson. It teaches the Word of God in a way that can be understood and applied to real life, without coming off too preachy,” says Holliday.

Continuing, “The readers learn something without realizing it what is happening; resulting in a lesson that will come from the refection that happens after. I feel that it will delight readers both young and old.”

With many more books planned, youngsters are in for an exciting, adventurous and truly eye-opening literary and life experience.

My Identity Christ-Is - Stay In the Game, is published by Outskirts Press.

About the Author: S.L. Holliday
S.L. Holliday, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the the Art Institute of Washington has always loved art and has been drawing since she was a child.

Ms. Holliday received Jesus into her heart at a young age, but it wasn't until college, where she got into writing, that she decided to fully dedicate her talents to Him. One day while reading the Bible, she came across the verse, Proverbs 16:3, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed".

In addition to loving art, Ms. Holliday also loves children. After seeking the Lord on which direction to take, He revealed to her how to combine her love of both - using art to teach children the Word of God in a way they can understand. That has been her goal ever since!