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My Identity Doctor Introduces Warfarin Bracelet for Coumadin Users


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- My Identity Doctor, one of the UK’s most trusted and reliable medical alert ID jewelry stores, now introduces a special collection of Warfarin Bracelet for Coumadin users. Made of 316L stainless steel, the collection is inscribed with the most visible BLACK engraving – ensuring wearer’s safety in the event of an emergency.

Why one with an existing blood-clots-formation problem must wear a Warfarin bracelet is obvious. It simply helps the paramedics and doctors to know about the patient’s existing medication record. The Coumadin medication is further considered to be of one of the most complex ones, which can cause serious implication of one’s health if not monitored properly. Also notifies Doctors and Paramedics of the possible access of bleeding this patient may have due to their blood thinner medication.

“Paramedics can efficiently respond to the situation if they know about your Coumadin medication”, says Jon Paul S. – the official spokesperson for My Med Doctor. He also urges people to wear the steel medical jewelry if they have an existing medication going on, or have some sort of allergies.

Routing his words back to Warfarin Bracelet, Jon acknowledges the positive effects of Coumadin in preventing blood clots. He further urges people not to interrupt their Coumadin medication by unconsciously allowing the medics to treat them with unfitting procedures.

He adds, “By buying from us, you can be ensured of 100% job satisfaction. We use a high powered manufacturing engraver on our steel medical ID bracelet that burns your information onto the metal. This is by far the best for visibility and is extremely resistant to every day wear and tear. We also provide a lifetime warranty for the engraving in the event it comes off.”

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My Identity Doctor ensures medical patients can receive the highest quality engraving & jewelry that focuses on reliability & safety. All Medical ID jewelry is custom engraved with the most highly visible and defined BLACK engraving available. This engraving style is specifically geared towards high definition to ensure one’s medical information is clear & easy to see, in case of an emergency. All medical IDs have been custom designed to ensure engraving quality & reliability and all engraving is backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE .

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