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My IDentity Doctor, Provider of Medical Alert Jewelry Now Supports National Cataract Awareness Month


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Recognized as National Cataract Awareness Month, June is marked by a series of events, initiatives and activities all across the country to increase the level of awareness about cataracts and its damaging consequences. My IDentity Doctor, a leading provider of medical alert jewelry now supports national cataract awareness month and discusses about various aspects of the medical conditions.

Among the Americans aged sixty-five and above, Cataract has turned out to be the chief cause of partial or complete blindness. Even though this condition is absolutely curable, most of the senior citizens in America do not opt for diagnosis and treatment and live with this disease. The aim of celebrating June as a cataract awareness month is to encourage people to get this condition treated and also bring to the fore many preventive steps that can stop cataract formation. Cataracts are protein accumulation on the lens of either one or both eyes that over time can develop fully to cause complete or partial vision loss. The initial signs of cataracts are blurred vision, double vision, halos around headlight and faded appearance of color.

My IDentity Doctor as an experienced provider of Engraved Medical Bracelets points out that precautionary measures and treatment ranging from medicines to surgery can help in avoiding this situation from turning into a major medical crisis. The company has been providing a wide range of pre-engraved and Custom Engraved Medical Bracelets that ensure correct treatment during medical crisis by informing medical experts about any chronic ailment of the patient.

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