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My Little Zombie Apocalypse Shuffles Into iTunes App Store

When the zombie apocalypse comes grab your supplies, avoid the zombies and run like heck!


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- The Zombie Apocalypse is everywhere, and now it's come to iPhones and iPads in the form of My Little Zombie Apocalypse, a fingers free game from Rowdy Apps. What does fingers free mean? Fingers free means that if zombies eat a players fingers, My Little Zombie Apocalypse can still be played with little bloody stumps!

The object of the iPhone game is to get one of 3 characters through the zombie apocalypse to various checkpoints. Play is achieved though the motion sensing functions of the iPhone and iPad. In other words, players tilt the phone left or right to move the character around the zombie apocalypse and away from the zombies. As players reach checkpoints the speed of the iPhone game increases. The game has two worlds and loads of zombies coming after the characters.

Addictive, My Little Zombie Apocalypse may turn players into iphone game zombies. The game can effectively be played with just one hand, allowing players to eat with the other (human flesh if in fact the player does turn into a zombie). As players tilt to guide the characters through the world of My Little Zombie Apocalypse, points are scored by picking up various objects. However, play stops after too much contact with zombies, because by then the character has been eaten. Players can adjust the speed of the iPhone game.

To make this zombie apocalypse game more challenging, players need not only avoid zombies but bundles of dynamite and toxic puddles as well, hitting either of which automatically results in either the explosion or chemical disintegration of the character. Here again play stops.

As an iPhone game My Little Zombie Apocalypse takes advantage of the unique and intuitive tilting functions of the iPhone and iPad while shamelessly exploiting the current cultural phenomenon of interest in zombies. And the game makes some very interesting and gruesome sounds as well, especially when a character gets eaten by a zombie. That might make this zombie apocalypse game the perfect choice for play in a quiet doctor's or dentist's office. Then again, maybe not. The iPhone game also provides for tweeting of any score after play.

My Little Zombie Apocalypse is made by Rowdy Apps, a game developer, and creator of Dog Race Chase and Flying Critters. They are also developers of custom apps. They are not zombies. Yet. But come the zombie apocalypse . . .

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Carrollton, GA USA