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My Los Alamos Experience: Compelling New Biography by K.C. Kim Urges Readers to Understand Importance of Science

Having spent three decades working at the nations’ premier defense nuclear institution in Los Alamos, K.C. Kim has a vast understanding of science and its relevance to today’s world. In his new biographical book, Kim shares his unique personal experiences while calling on all readers to understand and accept science’s vital importance to the future of humankind.


Los Alamos, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- To most Americans, the Los Alamos National Laboratory is no more than a classified location for the design of nuclear weapons. However, to K.C. Kim, the laboratory offers a fascinating insight and reminder of the importance of science. Having spent forty years working in the City, Kim’s latest book shares the ground-breaking work of Los Alamos that many keep under wraps.

‘My Los Alamos Experience’ is deeply personal, intimate and to the layman it’s a powerful insight into a life very different from their own.


This book describes the author’s some 40 years of personal experiences at Los Alamos.

The town of Los Alamos and the nation’s premier defense nuclear institution--Los Alamos National Laboratory, serve as the background for the author’s perspectives in his long professional career in science and management.

Although much has been documented and written about Los Alamos, this book tells a unique and intimate personal story in a story-telling genre. This book also makes a stride in helping the readers understand the importance of science for our future well-being.

As the author explains, his book offers a unique look into a side of Los Alamos the media often ignore.

“The nuclear development itself is often the only thing that hits the headlines; mainly for the wrong reasons,” says Kim.

Continuing, “However, I want to teach readers about the great work that the city carries out for the greater and future good of humanity. The city itself is a hive of world-class development that is constantly advancing science for future generations. This is a side of the city that receives little press yet does the most positive work. I hope my story and personal perspective will help readers understand this.”

Kim’s book also has a second important goal, to help readers recognize and understand the sheer importance of science for the future of the human race.

“My decades in Science Management really opened my eyes to the good work the field does on a daily basis. Evolution and scientific advances are often taken for granted; so I wanted to share what I have seen and been involved with so it helps people appreciate and understand how we’re always working towards creating a better future,” Kim adds.

With the book expected to be in high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘My Los Alamos Experience’, published by Authorhouse, Inc., is due for release on February 25, 2013.

To purchase, visit: http://Authorhouse.com.

About K.C. Kim
K. C. Kim, an accomplished scientist and science educator, held positions as a group leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and chief scientist in the Nuclear Materials Division.

Throughout his professional career, he wrote and co-authored many scientific articles in prominent scientific journals. Recently, the author has also published his autobiography, “Rootless: A chronicle of my life journey”. During his retirement years he actively pursues diverse hobbies including scuba diving, stone sculpting, and painting.