My Low Carb Diet Story

My Low Carb Diet Story - How to Lose Belly Fat Effectively


California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Losing weight and maintaining an ideal body mass index is believed to be quite difficult. For quicker weight loss, people usually go for pills, powders, extreme work out programmes and weight loss diets. According to, doing all this may only yield temporary results with some regrettable side effects. offers a healthier alternative which overweight customers can use to trim down to perfectly good shape.

The website offers a product called Customized Fat Loss or CFL, which as the name suggests is a customized approach to nutrition. “It’s actually a software that when combined with work-outs will burn fat in the quickest time, while preserving lean muscles” explains the company, also adding that it has a whole section called how to lose belly fat, which explains effective techniques for losing belly fat. CFL is designed to provide fat burning nutrition by making use of 4 patented formulas, tweaked and tested over the years with the help of body builders, fitness models and renowned nutritionists.

The product basically customizes itself depending on the user’s age, height, weight and metabolism. Depending on the user’s exercise schedule, the product will allocate calories and macronutrients specifically in order to result in maximum fat loss. According to the company, the reason why most generic diets and fat loss products fail is because of different body types which a lot of people have no idea about. The product begins the course by determining the body type of the user. However, the efficiency of CFL ultimately depends on the user’s determination to lose fat.

With a database of over 1400 different foods, CFL gives the users an option to choose from three customized meal plans for daily use. In order to meet the nutritional requirements for the body type, the users can choose any meal plan. Visit the customized fat loss website for more information on the product and the people working behind it.

The company was founded by Kyle Leon, an expert nutritional specialist, fitness model and personal trainer. With a reputation of being the best selling fitness author and a creator of unique and effective nutritional systems like the Somanobolic Muscle Maximizer, he is the brain behind CFL. Dr. Hollowell, a licensed physician specialized in treating overweight patients and their health related issues testifies to Kyle’s idea being used in the product. The product can be purchased from

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