Josh Chang

My Organic Food Club Reaches over 1,000 New Customers in Miami


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 --, a local organic produce delivery company based in Boca Raton, Florida has expanded their operating base to the City of Miami and surrounding areas.

The recent news about the organic food industry gaining clout on Capitol Hill, prompted by rising consumer demand and its entry into traditional farm states has organic produce delivery companies and local organic farmers expanding their customer bases.

The new farm javascript:void(0)bill proposed in Washington that has for decades propped up traditional crops and largely ignored organics is about to come under radical changes.

A former organic farmer, Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., offered an amendment to make it easier for organic companies to organize industry wide promotional campaigns. And, companies like My Organic Food Club are taking charge of their own destiny.

One of their new customers, Alexandra Sheen, of Miami Lakes, FL wrote, “We consider ourselves to be health conscious. We want our children to grow up eating healthy and being active. With my busy schedule and a growing family I strive to bring home fresh purely organic food from the grocery store. But as the economy took a turn for the worse it got harder and harder to buy all organic foods. So, I set out to find a company I could trust to deliver the greatest amount of all organic food for the lowest price...”

Many consumer feel that same way. In fact, My Organic Food Club has been growing their customer base consistently since they started their business over 8 years ago. Demand for organic plant based food has seen consistent growth, not only in Florida, but also all across the USA. So, what is the reason for so much demand? Anna Stacia, a local organic farmer from Florida said,” People are tired of having poison sprayed on their food. The numbers don’t lie, and the people are aware of the food industry slipping them the GMO’s…their fed up and they just don’t want it anymore!”

Anna is right about the escalating number of organic food consumers. In fact, the organic industry has exploded in the last decade, with $35 billion in sales and 10 percent growth just last year. There are more than 17,000 certified organic businesses in the country. There are only so many good organic certified farms around. So, be prepared for local organic farms in your area to sell out fast!

Our job is to supply you with 100% USDA certified organic produce for half the price you’d pay at the supermarket. Our Nutritionists will manage your dietary needs and perfectly balance your meals with a variety of fresh, seasonal, & local produce.

To find out more about organic food benefits and local organic food delivery in south Florida, visit My Organic Food Club at their website: