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My RCTopia Announces Site Demystifying the Remote Control Vehicle World

Site publishes tips for kids and hobbyists to learn what sets RC vehicles apart, says spokesman


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- An examination of the industry shows that a remote controlled car can cost over $1,000, and civilian-grade radio-controlled helicopter prices can reach $15,000. Yet there are also toy versions of both that run $30 or less. John Donaldson, spokesman for My RCtopia (, announced that the site will now be posting tips, information, and reviews to help demystify the market and teach people the important differences between the toys and the high-end hobbyist versions.

"Many people know that an RC car or helicopter is controlled remotely," Donaldson notes, "but they don't know much else about them. Our site clarifies things starting from the very basics and working up. For example, in one of our most recent articles, readers will learn what 'RC' actually stands for."

RC, it turns out, doesn't actually stand for remote control. Instead, it specifically refers to radio control. Some remote control vehicles actually use cords, which makes them very limited. "Understandably," Donaldson notes, "modern consumers want radio controlled vehicles instead because they are wireless. This allows them to have a range that's as far out as their control transmitter can send a signal."

After noting the vast differences in the prices that can be seen between various remote-controlled vehicles, we asked Donaldson to explain the causes of the pricing disparity. "The capabilities of the vehicle have much to do with its cost," he says. "A toy helicopter that costs $30 typically flies slowly and can only be used indoors. A $10,000 model, on the other hand, is fast and meant to be flown outside. The more expensive vehicles typically last longer, too, though they also need maintenance to keep performing well."

"Brand has some relevance in terms of price," Donaldson went on, "But it's mostly a matter of what the vehicle can do. A remote control helicopter with camera ( not only needs to be able to fly at a decent speed, but have a power plant strong enough to carry the camera and its controller. A Remote control Boat ( that is able to run in a lake or near the shore of the ocean has to handle waves, while one made for a pool can get by with a much weaker stabilization system."

Donaldson was then asked about what a new entrant into the RC world should keep in mind. "I suggest that new users start out with inexpensive options," he replied. "Even though today's RC vehicles are sturdier than they used to be, they're still breakable. It's better to start out with a toy or a low-end hobbyist model, and then move up after learning exactly how to pilot it. Young children, of course, should always stick to the toy models as a matter of safety."

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