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My RCTopia Releases Unique Guide for Those New to Remote-Controlled Vehicles

Site continues mission to educate and inform RC enthusiasts of all sorts


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Internet destination My RCtopia announced the release of a new guide aimed at helping newcomers to the remote-controlled hobby get acclimated quickly. The site, a resource which includes an extensive selection of reviews and articles useful to enthusiasts of every level of experience, has enjoyed steady growth since launching. It is now one of the largest and deepest such destinations on the Internet, and its operators expect to continue expanding its offerings at an even faster pace in the near future.

"Whether it's flying quad-copters or tooling around with nitro-powered trucks in a back yard," company representative John Donaldson said, "the hobby of RC vehicles has never been more popular." The company's newest guide, featured prominently on its home page at, seeks to demystify some of the issues that confront many newcomers to the hobby. Readers will learn, for example, how to identify and distinguish the separate pieces of technology that underlie most remote-controlled devices, an asset which will serve them well as they shop for their own first RC vehicles.

More advanced users will find plenty of equal interest to them on the site, too. My RCTopia's "Best Remote Control Helicopter" guide has attracted particularly notable amounts of attention, and is frequently referenced by both experts and relative newcomers to the hobby. Providing a broad overview of the state of that type of specialty vehicle as well as specific recommendations, it serves as an especially valuable resource for those interested in this increasingly popular style of remote-controlled recreation. RC helicopters of various sorts, for example, are often used by enthusiasts to capture stunning aerial photographs and video, and modern craft are easy enough to fly and control that even beginners can do so with confidence.

Worldwide interest in remote-controlled vehicles is at an all-time high and continues to grow. In fact, the American Toy Industry Association recently identified RC vehicles as one of the top "Toy Trends" for 2014, with the segment expected to grow at a record rate this year. While the American market remains the world's largest, interest in these devices is growing even faster in many other countries around the world, with the United Arab Emirates set to experience the greatest growth of all, according to analysts.

"Thanks to incredible advances in technology and engineering," Donaldson continued, "it's easier and more economical than ever to get started with remote-controlled vehicles. Our site smooths the way even further, as it contains everything a beginner would need to learn in order to make a great first purchase." My RCTopia covers the whole range of available remote-controlled vehicles. Visitors interested in researching and buying a remote control boat, for example, will find a number of articles designed to help them learn about the general issues regarding such craft, as well as recommendations as to the best particular models for a variety of uses and budgets.

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