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My Son Wants a Pitbull: Powerful New Children's Book Quashes Pitbull 'Dangerous Dog' Stereotype

Based on a true experience from author D. Watkins, ‘My Son Wants a Pitbull’ is working to shard show the world that a properly reared Pitbull can be as loving and gentle as any other breed of dog. Serving as a reminder that stereotypes don’t affect society positively, the book is resonating with readers from coast to coast.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Mention the word ‘Pitbull’ to any adults and the response will likely be one of fear. Suggesting that children should mix with a Pitbull will garner even more shock. However, a compelling new children’s book by Georgia’s D. Watkins is proving to thousands across the nation that stereotypes are rarely true.

‘My Son Wants a Pitbull’ instills the values of responsible dog ownership, compassion for animals and good character into all young readers.


My Son Wants A Pitbull is the story of how a boy finds an extraordinary Pitbull puppy that curbs all the neighbors’ negative thoughts about the breed. Jake, is a little boy that comes across the puppy and then teams up with a neighborhood friend in conjunction to hide the puppy from his parents.

His parents do find out about the puppy and attempt to persuade the child that Pits are dangerous and to try another less threatening breed of dog. However, the puppy has already captured the heart of Jake and once the puppy is accepted into the household, he begins working on the hearts of others as well by shedding light on a problem that the neighborhood has had for quite some time.

As the author explains, he hopes his book will inspire people to view stereotypical ‘dangerous dog’ breeds in a new light.

“It certainly shows the gentler side of what most people believe to be a vicious breed of animal. It’s based on a true story, which makes this argument even stronger. In fact, good Pitbulls have great owners,” says Watkins.

Continuing, “We all grow up conforming to stereotypes, but they mustn’t be taken for granted. Aside from its focus on animals, this book will teach children to show love and compassion for all living things. Everything deserves being given the same chance – it’s all down to how each animal, person or thing is treated.”

Critics praise Watkins for his diligent attempts to change the public opinion of perceived dangerous dog breeds. With its focus on children, Watkins faced an interesting challenge.

“Giving this kind of education to children requires a different approach. You can’t directly lecture them so, to show how friendly and caring the Pitbull is, he helps the children solve riddles and other challenges in their small community. This will resonate with young readers much better than simply trying to teach them a lesson,” he adds.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Watkins has recently announced that the 5000th downloader will win a BMW 740i. In light of this, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘My Son Wants a Pitbull’ is available now from Amazon and iTunes.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.mysonwantsapitbull.com/

About the Author
Darris Watkins lives in Atlanta, GA.