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My Sunday Tea Now Sending Free Samples with Every Delivery for People to Share with Friends

My Sunday Tea is offering free samples with every order which can be shared with friends, or kept for an extra cup of fresh bespoke tea.


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- Tea is a drink made when tea leaves from one of many species of tea trees are diffused in water. Their goodness, flavor and freshness invigorate the hot water to give it a delicious and comforting taste. The drink is one of the most popular in the world, and has been present in a huge range of cultures for centuries, though China is the oldest and most expert of the tea drinking nations. My Sunday Tea is an online store that helps share the best of Chinese and Asian teas with the rest of the world, and now includes free samples with every purchase.

The free samples included are not only of the kind of tea the individual has ordered, but also some of their other best selling teas. This allows individuals to use the samples either to share with friends and families or to try out and experiment new flavors for their next order. In this way, every time customers buy Chinese tea from My Sunday Tea, they have an opportunity to discover a new favorite.

The teas on offer include Oolong tea, Floral tea, Green tea of many different provenances, White tea, and more. They even offer the opportunity to buy Pu-erh tea, a rare nutrient rich tea, with different varieties ranging between five and twenty five dollars a portion.

A spokesperson for My Sunday Tea explained, "Tea has always been a social focal point across cultures, and having a cup of tea is a time when people can relax with one another and share their innermost thoughts. This is why we wanted to include free samples of our tea with every order, so individuals who tried and enjoyed the tea with a friend would have some to take home, and compare with their existing brand. After that, we are certain to have made a new customer."

About My Sunday Tea
My Sunday Tea believes tea is meant to be enjoyed in its purest form. My Sunday Tea source highly prized loose-leaf tea from the best purveyors around the world, including China (the home of tea) and beyond, ensuring only the finest and healthiest are handpicked fresh from the tea plantation to the teapot, freeing people from the days of dust in a bag.

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