My Sweet Body Endermologie Announces New Guide to Prevent Cellulite Coupon and Endermologie Daily Deal Rip-Offs

My Sweet Body Endermologie is pleased to announce a new guide that outlines 7 simple questions consumers can ask so they don’t get burned by online endermologie daily deal or cellulite coupon purchases.


Toluca Lake, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- My Sweet Body Endermologie is pleased to announce a new post on their blog titled; “Endermologie coupons and Daily Deals:  Ask these 7 Questions to Keep From Getting Burned”.  This new post outlines their 7 question guide to help consumers avoid being ripped off by online cellulite coupon and endermologie daily deal scams.

Online couponing and daily deal websites continue to grow in popularity.  According to a study published on 9/12/2012 by NPD Group titled “Consumers Turning to Smartphone Apps and Social Media For Grocery Shopping and Food Preparation”, 25M Americans use coupon apps each month. And that number is growing steadily.

Another study published 01/17/2013 by Booz & Co. titled; “E-Commerce and Consumer Goods A Strategy for Omnichannel Success”, found that 41% of female online shoppers visit retailers' websites in order to look for coupons or deals before they buy.

This growing trend toward finding great price breaks on health and beauty services online unfortunately comes with a downside; bait and switch schemes and confusing fine print.  According to My Sweet Body Endermologie owner Leesah Givot, “Daily deal websites love to entice you with offers too good to refuse; ridiculously big offers for ridiculously low prices. The bottom line is you usually get what you pay for.  The information we just posted to our blog will help you be a savvy consumer. Following this simple advice may save you time and money as well as help you find the right endermologist so you can get the results you deserve.”

The post describes the single most important thing consumers can do to protect themselves from cellulite coupon or endermologie daily deal scams; call the company before purchasing and ask 7 simple questions.

The questions to ask are:

1. Does it hurt?
2. How long is the session?
3. Do you work the entire body or is this a spot treatment?
4. Will a clean body suit be provided?
5. Is your technician trained and certified by LPG?
6. If I want to continue after my “deal” how many sessions will I need and how much will it cost?
7. Will this process bruise me?

In order to get a good deal buyers need to know exactly what they are buying.  The way to protect themselves from unpleasant surprises is to always call the company offering the deal and ask the questions above to make sure they don't get burned.

About My Sweet Body Endermologie
My Sweet Body Endermologie is a Toluca Lake, CA based company that believes in Endermologie so much that that’s all they do. Their technicians are certified and use the newest technology, the CelluM6 to give the most effective treatment for their clients. All treatments are customized to each client’s particular needs based on the information they provide because no two bodies are alike.

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