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My Vegas Business Review Launches to Give Insight on the Latest Proposition from Winter & Horwitz


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Internet marketing gurus John Winter Valko and Adam Horwitz have collaborated on a huge project to offer a turnkey start up business to anyone looking to start a business in Las Vegas, one of the largest cash-flow economies in the United States. The product launches officially on February 12th, but already a website has been launched to provide further insight and views on the proposed product, at My Vegas Business Review.

My Vegas Business Review is a website recently launched to give further insight to potential buyers on the opportunities available to them through the new turn-key web-based business opportunity taking advantage of Las Vegas’ unique economic landscape.

The site offers several high quality original editorials offering unique perspectives for those looking into the project in more detail, including an introduction to the conception and development of the project, a review from a business user’s perspective and a testimonial from an early adopter given the chance to preview the service ahead of release.

All the information given is strongly positive in tone and the site encourages people to make the most of the JV referral competition, for which there are six grand prizes for the top referrers. The site also includes information on the economic statistics of Las Vegas and how these can be leveraged by internet based businesses anywhere in the world.

A spokesperson for the blog explained, “Mike, the blog’s writer, is an internet entrepreneur in his own right and when he sees a great idea he likes to make sure people know about it. The coming launch of My Vegas Business could be a game changer for so many businessmen if they enter the race with the right mindset. Due to the projected popularity of the project, having the inside edge could make all the difference between long lasting success and sudden failure during the initial boom, so it’s worth checking out his insights. He offers a lot of practical introductory advice that can help people avoid schoolboy errors and get fast-tracked to success.”

About My Vegas Business Review
The My Vegas Business Review site was created to promote the My Vegas Business product and this site is especially useful to people who want to establish an online business through a web presence for any type of business in Las Vegas. For more information, please visit: http://myvegasbusinessreview.org/