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MyCarInsuranceQuotes.com Announces Additions to Their Roster of Available Insurance Providers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- MyCarInsuranceQuotes.com has just added to its available list of insurance companies from which consumers can obtain quotes. My Car Insurance Quotes was founded in 2007 in order to provide the best quote on car insurance by having companies compete for the customer’s business.

While car insurance is one of the important areas where Americans can save hundreds of dollars a year, the process of filtering through the plethora of choices for the best insurance at the best rates can be daunting. In an effort to provide even greater choice while keeping the process simple, the website MyCarInsuranceQuotes.com has recently added a number of insurance providers to their roster. “Since all of the insurance providers that we work with compete for the client’s business, adding more quality providers gives consumers greater choice and the potential for even greater savings by increasing the competition,” said a My Car Insurance Quotes spokesperson.

The comprehensive website’s goal is to make it simple for people to shop around to find out the cheapest auto insurance premiums that are available in the market from the best auto insurance companies. By merely going to www.mycarinsurancequotes.com and entering their zip code into the available box, consumers are immediately rewarded with a list of insurance providers. By clicking on each provider, they can get an instant customized quote by taking one or two minutes to fill out the company’s form. The process of having the companies compete allows website visitors to get the best car insurance quote and avoid over-pricing on their car insurance with savings of as much as $700 a year depending on circumstances.

According to the website, an important factor in determining the amount of savings is the type of car that a person drives. low-profile cars are often more economical from an insurance standpoint as insurance companies reward these drivers with low rates as the insurance payout for the car’s repair or replacement in the event of a damage claim is often inexpensive for them. Since high-profile, expensive sports cars are targets for thieves and vandals as well as more expensive to repair, insurance companies charge more to provide coverage. If a consumer can be happy with a sporty hybrid, they can save a tremendous amount on their insurance rates.

An important factor before signing up for any insurance premium is financial status. Every driver’s profile is different; hence, the insurance quotes handed out to each driver depend very much on his current circumstances. A woman may be charged lower insurance premiums compared to a man due to the fact that men tend to be involved in more automobile accidents than women. Drivers with a clean driving record can expect to save on their insurance as well as those drivers that choose cars with an abundance of safety features that are built to withstand impacts. For more information and to get free quotes, please visit http://www.mycarinsurancequotes.com

About MyCarInsuranceQuotes.com
MyCarInsuranceQuotes.com was established in 2007, bringing drivers free car insurance quotes comparison service, and letting people save more on their auto insurance premiums. Website visitors merely fill in their zip code and they receive a list of insurance providers from which to choose. In minutes they can obtain quotes that can save as much as $700 per year depending on several factors.