Seo Experts Has Launched, Aimed at Giving Event Organizers a Platform to Source People Directly


Grandville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- MyComms ( has gone live, representing the quintessential face of the next generation in social networking platforms

MyComms essentially fills the void left by some of the more traditional social networking platforms which are increasingly becoming more about creating the ideal environment for commercial advertisers, as opposed to putting the power in the hands of community-based users. "Join MyComms today and learn how to improve your community. Meet new people, make friends, create groups and organize events," said a spokesperson for the site, covering the gist of the new social networking site's functionality. "Whether you're an event organizer, or want to run a one-time event, MyComms gives you the opportunity to directly get people from your community to your event," continued the spokesperson. Instead of the limited functionality offered by the mainstream social networks, through which you'd have to create limited-functionality platforms like "pages", MyComms allows users the freedom to directly source like-minded and interested individuals to become part of their events. "You can create a group and discuss important issues with your community. Look no further,MyComms is the place to be," concludes the site's spokesperson.

With a firm belief in a world where everyone and anyone can give and receive help through the power of community, MyComms is very quickly shaping the future of focused social networking, already enjoying an ever-growing user-base.

About MyComms
MyComms is a brand new social network, created to help people find nearby peers, make friends, create discussion groups, organize events and make a difference in their communities. MyComms was founded by CEO James Nwazuoke, jointly developed and operated by Elise Nwazuoke (Vice President), Nikunj. J. Shingala (IT Expert), and Jeffrey Ted (Event Coordinator).

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