Joe Bragg Lists Best Backpacks for Travel, School, and Camping


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. Some backpacks favor comfort over style, while others feature built-in speakers and other unique additions. Today, major backpack companies like North Face and Dakine offer a diverse range of backpacks

Having lots of backpack choices is good. However, it can sometimes make the shopping decision difficult. That’s why wants to help. is a backpack review and comparison website designed to help backpack shoppers choose the perfect backpack for their needs.

At, visitors will find a number of backpack-related articles posted directly on the homepage. Articles posted include:

- “What to Look for When Buying North Face Backpacks”
- “How to Determine If Kids Should Get Rolling Backpacks”
- “Transportable Homeless Shelter Backpack Review”
- “Really Cool Wheeled Backpacks”

These are just a few of the articles posted on As a spokesperson for the website explains, all of the articles on the sit are designed to simplify the process of buying a backpack:

“Shopping for a backpack is rarely easy. There are so many different options out there that no matter which backpack someone picks, they’ll always be wondering if that other backpack would have been better. We want to make life easier for backpack shoppers by reviewing the durability, price, style, and practicality of a number of different backpacks.”

Backpack reviews include the unique looking BUILT laptop backpack which looks like a bulletproof vest and is designed to store a laptop with a screen size of up to 17 inches. Other backpack reviews posted on the site are for travel backpacks and international travelers, like the Boblebee Megalopolis Aero Backpack which is designed for camping, hiking, and any type of travel. Students may also want to look at the reviews for Jansport backpacks to pick up a cool-looking backpack for the upcoming school year.

Visitors will notice that all of the laptops recommended by the website have a common theme. The spokesperson explains:

“As people might have guessed from the name of our site, we mainly recommend backpacks that look cool to wear. Some cool backpacks are designed to suit the style of a high school student, while others will look great on the back of a hiker or world traveler. Even the right rolling backpack can make someone look cool, and we want to show our visitors exactly what it takes to look cool while wearing any type of backpack.”

After reading the reviews on, visitors can click on any of the product links to view pricing and ordering information at

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