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MyCreditReport Website Releases a Free eBook Entitled "Credit Scores, Credit Reports and More"

Consumers who want to learn everything they need to know about their credit scores are in luck.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2012 -- Consumers who want to learn everything they need to know about their credit scores are in luck.  The extremely popular MyCreditReport website is currently offering a free ebook which is entitled “Credit Scores, Credit Reports and More.”  The ebook is a download PDF file which can be accessed on any computer including MACs and hand held devices.

The MyCreditReport website is the perfect venue for consumers who want to ‘get my credit report’ without jumping through a lot of hoops and without paying a hefty $30 fee.  There are a lot of free ways in which a person can obtain their credit scores all of which are discussed in the free ebook and on the website.

A credit report contains a list of every creditor who has loaned money to a particular consumer along with a status of each loan.  It also contains a list of companies which have extended credit in any way such as furniture stores, auto loans, home loans and bank loans.  In other words, any credit related transaction is contained in the report.

“I want to say thanks for all the information you have on your website.  I want to apply for an auto loan and everybody is telling me to first check my score because it will have an impact on how much money I can borrow.  I’ve never applied for credit before and I didn’t even know what a credit score meant until I read the articles on your website.  Keep up the good work!” – Tiffany Schneider

A credit report contains a person’s credit history and it also shows the date each credit account was opened along with the amount that’s still owed on each loan.  Consumers who ‘check my credit report’ will also be able to learn the highest amount of credit that was approved for their particular accounts and whether or not they have missed any payments.

Everyone’s credit report contains certain items that are known throughout the industry as "public records".  The public records section keeps track of any lawsuits, liens, repossessions, foreclosures, judgments and bankruptcies.  Court documents are accessible by anyone at the county clerk’s office for a nominal fee.

Credit bureaus also report the business names of every lending company that has made a request to see a person’s credit report.  However, there are certain parts of the report that no one can view except the individual.  These include a consumer’s request to see his or her own report and unsolicited credit card and loan offers that arrive in the mail.

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