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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2019 -- My Dental Wig - A Los Angeles County based company, is pleased to introduce and present its innovative product "The Dental Wig", that solves the problem of missing teeth. The Dental Wig is an easy, painless, fast, affordable, long lasting false teeth, and excellent alternative to expensive, time-consuming and painful dental implants procedures. The product was designed by Lydie Livolsi, a qualified dental manufacturer in advanced dentistry including crowns, bridges, implants, inlays & onlays, dentures, orthodontics appliances. However, Lydie is more focused on replacing lost teeth.

My Dental Wig Founder Lydie Livolsi, has created the "Mobile Dental Wig", a unique and innovative concept which allows individuals with missing teeth, to get their Dental Wig directly from the comfort of their home, after their purchase it on their website . They made the pricing easy and simple: 1 jaw, 1 Price, and their price per jaw not per tooth like dentists do. The Dental Wig is not shipped: their trained and certified Dental Wig technologist comes to you, from the first dental impressions to the delivery and adjustments (if needed) of your Dental Wig. Individuals wearing the Dental Wig, in their daily life, can chew apple, bread, meat, etc., smile, talk, kiss, sleep, and do everything they did with their natural teeth.

The Dental Wig which is rigid and metal free, is made from a premium acrylic material with composite teeth. It snaps into the empty space filling the holes from the missing teeth on the jaw, and stopping the other teeth from drifting.

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My Dental Wig with its webstore is a company that has introduced the Dental Wig, the wig for the teeth. The Dental Wig is carefully crafted to fit into the empty space or in the place of the missing teeth.

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