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MyDestiny Production Launches Its New Movie Trailer "Insanity"


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- MyDestiny Production is releasing its latest movie trailer entitled “Insanity". The trailer movie is part of the worldwide film festival. Getting into the film festival is another achievement that the production company and the trailer movie cast achieved. This step is another fulfillment of the company’s mission to deliver unforgettable moments to people.

The fondness for movies is something that people have in common. That is why many independent production companies are continuously sprouting nowadays to meet the demand for good movies and provide endless entertainment for people. MyDestiny Production is just one of these production companies.

MyDestiny Production is the company that produced and launched the festival circuit entry entitled “Insanity”. It is a drama and horror movie trailer that shows a glimpse of a twisted woman’s mind. The cast of the movie includes Bruno Nella, Sabine Mondestin, Anthony Ecclissi, Steve Lareau and Carolyn Adair and Mason Jamzz. It is written, directed and produced by Sabine Mondestin. The director Sabine Mondestin is a producer, actress, writer singer at MyDestiny Production. Her interest in writing and theater has started at a young age. Her career in theater started at the age of nine. At this age, she has already played different roles on television shows, commercial and stage. Mondestin’s greatest success was achieved when she played the Cleopatra role. Her most recent achievement is starting her own production company, which is MyDestiny Production.

Sabine Mondestin, the director and writer of 13 Witches and receiver of several awards, has produced a new movie trailer. This movie is the Insanity. It is currently one of the entries for the film festival circuit. For those who are interested to watch the trailer of drama/horror movie, feel free to visit the company’s website.

About MyDestiny Production
MyDestiny Production is based in Toronto, Ontario. It is a young production company that specializes in producing feature films, live events, short movies, music videos, online content, documentaries and photography. The founders of the company are Sabine Mondestin and Steve Lareau. It is open 24/7 to ensure that every project that comes their way is successfully accomplished. The production company is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering moments that can be etched in people’s minds forever.

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