- Indonesia's Response to Rapid Industrial Growth and Housing


Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- is an organization founded early this year whose aim is to ensure the lively production and dissemination of information for Indonesians about where to find their favorite locations to rent, lease, and even buy. has been under the leadership of Danang Hastoaji, who reported a significant rise in membership and new property listings of 140% since the last quarter.

In an interview with Danang, he stated that, “ is a response to the rush in the industrial sector of Indonesia. It’s one of the swiftest third world countries experiencing massive social, architectural and industrial growth in the world. We know that there will be a surge in people looking for a place to live and that’s what inspired us.” According to, “The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Indonesia expanded 5.81 percent in the second quarter of 2013 over the same quarter of the previous year,” and remains the largest economy in South East Asia.

Yesterday, celebrated its ten thousandth user and the innumerable posts that it’s had on its website. hopes to create some tools and resources designed to help users figure out viable payment options, rent calculators and additional resources that its users can benefit from. Currently, there are several other online services that offer rental and housing pricing information, but Danang insists that the benefit using is the interactive quality, a map that can generate and pinpoint with exact precision the location of an available unit or home.

Danang has assured that will continue to experience growth, reporting that since the 1990s urbanization has grown to 40% and that by 2030 there will be urbanization increase of up to 65%. With escalating urbanization and employment, as well as rapid industrial advancements, housing is set to boom. Although there are 17,508 islands in Indonesia, 52% of its inhabitants are are in the Island of Java where the capital city, Jakarta, is situated. will continue to operate and its user-base will surely increase as a response to Indonesia’s tremendous industrial growth.

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