Myfacezone New Feature Gives Users More Ways to Connect Online

The newest social network on the web has introduced its new feature called “zone”, giving users more ways to share and connect online.


Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2012 --, the newest social network on the Internet, has released a new feature called “zone”. The “zone” feature is part of the phase two update plans for the website. This new feature will allow users to post status updates, photos, videos, and links in their respective “zones”. Everything that users post will post will appear on their friends’ “zone feeds,” a live feed area where users can get updates on what their friends are thinking, viewing, and visiting online.

The “zone” is the latest addition to the long list of features that the popular new website already boasts of. After being launched in September 2011, Myfacezone has been helping not only friends, but also employers, employees, and entrepreneurs a chance to connect more easily online. For this reason, the site has brought in countless users from all over the world.

The versatile new social networking website has become widely known for its unique services, such as a special jobs section where employers can post job openings and a resume upload section where applicants can share their resumes with potential employers. In addition, the site has a unique classifieds section where users can post items for sale. The classifieds feature is free for all Myfacezone users to use.

These unique features are side by side with the usual social networking sharing services, but Myfacezone makes sure all their services are fully integrated and this sets them apart from other similar websites. Myfacezone users are able to share various types of media like blogs, videos, photos, chats, forums, and mail, using platforms specifically created for them.

The “zone” feature and the rest of the phase two update plan make up just the first of many updates. As Myfacezone reps say, “As the member count grows, even more features and ideas will be implemented to optimize the complete experience.”

Other than the news about the zone feature rollout, the site has been mum on the full details about other upcoming changes that users can expect from the site. Myfacezone reps explain, “We are being somewhat careful about releasing too much information prior to releasing our new features. The reason for this is to keep unique features and ideas under wraps and exclusive to Myfacezone until rollout.”

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