MyFreeImplants Shuts Down - Gives Rise to New Cosmetic Crowdfunding Site


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2017 -- The popular crowdfunding site for breast implants, MyFreeImplants, has unexpectedly closed down. MyFreeImplants was acquired in 2016 and ever since, the site has been in trouble. From ongoing website development issues to weeks of downtime to now being permanently closed.

On Twitter, we can see ex MyFreeImplants users complain that they've had money stolen from them that they rightfully earned.

The owners of lingerie marketplace have expressed their desire to fill the gap in the industry and create a better cosmetic crowdfunding site. They have setup website to help unite MyFreeImplants users, get their feedback and to work with them so they can create something better than ever for the community.

The website states:

"The websites we run are doing well. Well enough that we're not driven by making a quick buck. What drives us is creating something awesome. Something that lasts and makes a difference to people. A brand people can trust. That's what gets us excited!

The prospective founder of this new cosmetic crowdfunding site, Ryan Hall, commented on how they plan to move forward with this:

"At this stage, we're gathering feedback from the ex MFI community on what kind of site they would want. We're hoping more people get involved at and if there is enough demand, we'll create a crowdfunding site that's better than anything else out there.

Apart from our experience in the adult industry, a member of our team runs a hugely popular crowdfunding site for causes and that gives us the ability to move fast and offer a refined service right from the get-go."

Ryan states that the website would have a new name, not directly associated with MyFreeImplants. The current website - - is just there so that people looking for the now closed crowdfunding site, consider another option and if they want the solution, to get involved.

About has been setup to let the public have their say on what kind of cosmetic crowdfunding website they would like to see built.

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Contact name: Ryan Hall
Company: MyFreeImplants
Phone: 020 8273 2923