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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- MyFreeScoreNow is a free credit score monitoring program that keeps track of credit score and alerts about any significant changes in one's credit score. It generates weekly score reports and emails automatically through which you can keep track of your credit score. It offers a free 7 day trial membership which upon cancellation doesn’t cost you a single penny, however, if not cancelled you will be billed just $ 29.95 each month. With gradual increase in fraud and concealment over the years credit score has become an important factor of one’s life. By understanding how credit works you can manage it for your own advantage.

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Credit is basically a sum of money borrowed from another person with an agreement to be paid upon a later specified time. Paying the debt off in time results in a healthy credit score which can lead to future credit for purchasing of a house or a car. With MyFreeScoreNow you can build a healthy credit history from the ground up and get the credit you desire anytime you want. We let you monitor and administer your credit score and help you make it reach new heights.

Sometimes people find themselves in a financial deadlock, people who have had no credit history are as good as the ones with poor credit history, and one cannot have credit just because he never had a credit. MyFreeScoreNow helps break out of this deadlock and build good credit history from the beginning so one can enjoy as much credit as he likes at any given time without any delays.

MyFreeScoreNow builds credit report the way one wants it, credit report is basically a snapshot of one’s credit history. It does not represent that one has a good or bad credit history but shows the data of current obligations and credits along with the history of all your credits. Negative history records stay on your credit report for as long as 7 years and some bankruptcies for about 10 years. We help avoid such blunders and make them stay off credit report, which boosts one’s chances of getting credit. By helping one learn what shows on their credit report we can help develop that perfect credit history that would make one a perfect candidate every time he or she applies for a credit.

MyFreeScoreNow is a completely safe website with a 128-bit SSL encryption to protect privacy.

About MyFreeScoreNow
My Free Score Now is a free credit monitoring website which helps monitor and manage credit score to help get more credit in future; it is a completely secure website.

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