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MyHerculead, the Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device Has Finally Launched


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2016 -- The most awaited pet walking device, MyHerculead - the Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device has finally launched. This device is like a dream come true of every pet owner that owns multiple pets (especially dogs); because according to the team, 'MyHerculead, the Anti -Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device prevents annoying entanglements of your pet leashes while still allowing them the freedom to roam as you maintain control'.

The idea of this device came in designers' - Elysia Blackhart and her husband's mind when their rescued pets began to outnumber the humans and they could not find any leash that could help them take more than 2 pets for a walk at a time without the leashes getting tangled. Therefore, Elysia Blackhart started designing her own Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device, so that not only her but also other people - who badly need this device, could easily take their pets for long walks without worrying about getting the leashes tangled.

"I know how frustrating it is when you want to enjoy a long walk with your pets, but all you end up doing is detangling the leashes. This frustration led me to develop MyHerculead, an Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device that helps you take long, fun-filled walks with your pets; and not only lets you enjoy, but also lets your pets enjoy the walk too", as stated by Elysia Blackhart.

The team of MyHerculead has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device. The aim of this project is to inform people about their highly useful device and to be able to pledge the much-needed AU$ 30,000 by Mon, Jan 9, 2017. The good thing is that - within a few days only - MyHerculead's Kickstarter campaign has received a great response from people. Therefore, after observing people's response - the team of MyHerculead is sure that their Kickstarter campaign will be a huge success and they will pledge the targeted AU$ 30,000 well before Jan 9, 2017.

"Our team is completely sure that all the pet lovers will most definitely help us reach our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign target and we assure them that they will not be regretting their decision", as stated by Elysia Blackhart.

For more information about MyHerculead's Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device and its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, please go to or their website

About MyHerculead
MyHerculead - the Anti-Tangle Multiple Pet Walking Device is designed by Elysia Blackhart and her husband. Apart from them, the entire team - from brand development to engineering to customer service - is highly experienced and well qualified.