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Myopia Control Infographic by Buena Vista Optometry

Eye-catching Tool to Teach Ventura Families about Myopia Control


Ventura, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2018 -- Myopia, AKA nearsightedness, is extremely common, affecting approximately 30% of Americans – and that number is growing. Unfortunately, research has linked high myopia to a number of eye diseases that can threaten sight in the future. Due to these serious health risks, eye doctors now recommend myopia control for many children who have a high vision prescription. There are several treatments for myopia, and Buena Vista Optometry developed a clear and colorful new Myopia Control Infographic to explain the options.

Typically, myopia first occurs in school-age children and progresses until about age 20. It happens when the eye elongates from a spherical shape to an elliptical form. Due to this new football shape, the lens of the eye focuses images in front of the retina, instead of on the retina. This makes distance vision blurry, while near vision remains crisp. Scientists do not know the exact cause of myopia, but significant evidence indicates that the tendency to develop this vision condition is inherited.

Because of the potential problems that myopia can cause to children's future vision, the optometrists at Buena Vista Optometry are committed to promoting awareness of the importance of myopia control. They developed their new Myopia Control Infographic to educate Ventura parents about the different ways to treat and protect the lasting sight of kids with myopia.

Every case of myopia is not the same and every child's lifestyle is not the same, and the method of myopia control must suit the individual. Each treatment type is associated with its own risks and rates of success. Myopia treatment includes prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, multifocal spectacles, orthokeratology (ortho-k lenses), soft multifocal contact lenses, and atropine drops. This Myopia Control Infographic outlines these methods clearly, so parents can make a well-informed decision in consultation with their child's eye doctor.

Myopia Control Infographic can be viewed here, and a link to share is provided.