MyPhoneRobot Offers Automated Prank Call Services Online

It’s true that prank calls will be annoying and agonizing for many. But, they are packed with loads of fun as well. Now, MyPhoneRobot offers automated prank call services online to customers at effective costs.


Parlin, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Prank calls though annoying often carry an element of surprise and it can be fun as well. Adults love to play pranks on each other and it delights them completely. What makes the prank calls interesting is the anonymity. Most often the users receiving the calls won’t realize who is calling and it leads to incredible fun. With technology advancements, there are websites that provide fantastic prank call online services at affordable costs.

“79% of adults are interested in making prank calls and try to deceive the receiver with some distorted voices. Remember, a great prank call will make anyone laughing for several days. Coming up with an idea and executing it perfectly is the wise option to bring smiles on the faces of receivers. But, practicing a detached tone is challenging and it might spoil the complete fun if the receiver figures out easily. With several prank call websites available today making prank calls to friends has become completely simple,” said a spokesperson.

Talking in a stiff and plain voice is the key to leave the receiver amused. Prank calls are difficult to make and it takes time and effort to get it right the first time. If the receiver recognizes the voice then the entire fun will be missed as well. Now, with several prank call websites available, it is easy to enthrall friends or relatives with absolute funny calls.

A director of MyPhoneRobot, a fast-growing automated prank call service provider, communicated, “Everyone loves prank calls but the challenge is getting it perfect to relish it in all its glory! With our pre-recorded and automated calls, it is simple to make a person think that a real person calling. Saving them will help to enjoy it for several days. Our call services are cost-effective as well.”

A client mentioned, “This site helped me create interesting prank calls with several tones which even the closest of my friends failed to recognize. It is a recommended and great site.”

About MyPhoneRobot
MyPhoneRobot is a popular and easy-to-use prank call website helping adults to create calls that amuses receiver. This site also helps clients to save the recorded conversation and relish it over several days. Another interesting factor that isolates this site is that the services are highly cost-effective.


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