MyReviewsNow Announces Trypnaural Meditation for Immediate Download

MyReviewsNow in affiliation with the Trypnaural Meditation introduces a new way to dramatically manage and reduce day-to-day stress without medication.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2011 -- The Trypnaural technique is a groundbreaking method in the world of meditation. MyReviewsNow is excited to be in partnership with this unique approach in dealing with stress management. The Trypnaural system uses special isochronic tones to put the listener into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. These tones are much more advanced than the out-of-date binaural beats that are found in most meditation music.

The creator of Trypnaural Meditation is a pharmacist and natural health consultant with a background in Vedic and Gregorian music. The unique experiences of the creator are present in the music. This music is truly like no other meditation music that is currently available.

Many people have used the Trypnaural Meditation programs and have commented on its positive impact on their lives. Reiki masters and yoga gurus even use it to further reduce their daily stress levels. Former army officers use it to help alleviate the pain of PTSD. Johnny Allen, a member of the United States Army, had this to say about Trypnaural Meditation: "Being in the army, I have endured the hardest stress of my life...just last night I fell asleep listening to Trypnaural Meditation...So, I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to! So, thanks Trypnaural!" Another Trypnaural user proclaims, "I listened to your free sample, I had not slept that well in a few weeks and I woke refreshed! [I] actually was surprised to feel that way, it had been so long."

WhileTrypnaural Meditationdoes help greatly improve sleeping patterns, it is also beneficial in many other ways. It will help the listener to feel calmer and better able handle the high demands that life burdens people. Also, the Trypnaural program can also assist people in dealing with traumatic life events. Further, it provides faster results than most other meditation methods currently on the market because of its revolutionary style of music. People from all walks of life can benefit from using Trypnaural Meditation, no matter of their occupation or life situation...whether are an army veteran, an elementary school teacher, a journalist, a student, or an otherwise stressed person.

Another important factor about this meditation method is its affordable price. Subscribers have access to the entire Trypnaural Meditation library, with over fifteen hours of Trypnaural music and many pieces of meditation literature, for a one-time payment of $97. This one-time payment makes purchasers lifetime members of Trypnaural and includes updates and new products that become available.

MyReviewsNow has made the Trypnaural system available for immediate purchase and download. The Trypnauaral program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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