MyReviewsNow In Affiliation With Violin Master Pro Announce Limited Time Offer

Those who dream of playing a rousing Violin solo, or would simply like to learn the violin basics while impressing friends and family, no longer have to pay high fees for private lessons. MyReviewsNow has teamed up with Violin Master Pro to offer a limited time only price of $27 for the complete Violin Master Pro learning system.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2011 -- The Violin Master Pro system was developed by Violin master and renowned teacher, Eric Lewis. As first violinist in the Prometheus Piano Quintet, Lewis has traveled the globe performing and teaching. He developed a new teaching method to allow violinists of all ages and skill levels to expand their skills and play difficult pieces of music in a shorter amount of time. Private lessons with Eric Lewis cost about $200 per hour. Thanks to MyReviewsNow and Violin Master Pro students can learn the violin in the comfort of their own home for a mere $27.

The downloadable system includes 11 video lessons focusing on everything from improvising to using octaves, a library of exclusive jam tracks to play along with, exercises, over one thousand scales and arpeggios, chords, and access to exclusive resources. If the violinist does not duplicate double the minimum results within 60 days, they will receive a full refund.

Violin Master Pro is aimed at all ages and skill levels, from those who have never picked up a violin before to advanced violinists. Learn the basics or use the innovative teaching system to expand your current repertoire. The Eric Lewis method can be applied to various musical styles including classical, jazz, rock, bluegrass, and country.

The cutting edge step-by-step instructions are easy to apply, allowing violinists to learn the techniques used by the masters. The system will teach students to play music by ear, whether or not the violinist has been born with the ability; to use tricks and methods used by the pros to breeze through difficult passages and scales; to write songs and create patterns; to play in a variety of styles; to master music theory until playing becomes an instinct; to use muscle memory, to read music and be able to play music on demand with only a page of notes; to choose the best instruments; and to master rhythm and accuracy. Lewis will also reveal the secret that violin teachers never tell their students. The program stimulates the brain through visual lessons regardless of a violinist's level of expertise.

Customer Karen Lee of New York City said, "Eric, thank you for your invaluable lessons. I have now been playing in a symphony once a week. I am playing second violin and we play everything from Mozart to Prokofiev. The lessons were easy and fulfilling. I was able to pick up the techniques easily and I had a lot of fun with them."

Testimonial after testimonial echoes the same sentiments as Karen Lee. The program offered by MyReviewsNow and Violin Master Pro does not contain a long, drawn out curriculum, bland lessons, or boring and outdated exercises. The teaching system is dynamic, practical, and easy to use, promising results in a short period of time.

Students who would like to learn the violin and reach heights they never thought possible, can visit MyReviewsNow Online Shopping and read all that the Violin Master Pro has to offer.