MySecurityScanner Now Available As a Subscription- Security A Business Can’t Afford Not To Afford!


Orange Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2011 -- Whether a large corporation or a small company, all businesses need and deserve reliable, effective security when it comes to their IT systems. With the online world now an integral part of how companies conduct their business, security threats are more prominent than ever, and Secure Ideas is an industry leader when it comes to offering efficient security solutions to protect businesses and their systems.

Today’s slow economy makes it difficult for organizations to conduct expensive, regular security testing, despite increasing government regulations and a growing number of hackers seeking to steal information from companies and their customers. Weak security can result in stolen identities, loss of revenue, and tens of thousands of dollars in fines, so it is not something that should be taken lightly. So what is the solution for businesses that can’t afford expensive penetration tests or that require regular testing due to system updates? An affordable security solution that works, offering an advanced security subscription to all business, regardless of their size or budget.

With this in mind, Secure Ideas is proud to announce an innovative new subscription service, MySecurityScanner, which is an affordable remote vulnerability scanning service that offers a completely new approach within the industry. What is the difference between MySecurityScanner and traditional security practices? MySecurityScanner uses a combination of manual and automatic testing techniques to build a comprehensive testing procedure, making it quicker and easier than performing a full on penetration test. This makes the service more affordable even organizations on small budgets can afford to have their networks and applications tested on a regular basis with this subscription, diminishing the risk of security threads and thereby maintaining their company’s reputation.

A MySecurityScanner subscription provides recurring and repeatable network or web vulnerability testing, allowing companies to confirm on a regular basis that their systems are secure and in compliance with industry regulations. Scans can be set up to run monthly, weekly or on demand, allowing an organization to find vulnerabilities in a timely and effective fashion and deal with them as they arise. The reproducibility of the MSS assessment allows organizations to evaluate their security based on each subsequent test and improve their results every time, meaning that not only are security threats tackled, they are actually lessened with each scan! After all, things can never be too secure when it comes to protecting a business and its reputation.

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