MYSMTPU.EU Introduces Free 7 Days Trial to Customers


Frederiksberg, CBR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- MYSMTPU.EU has introduced seven days free trial to customers wherein they avail the free offer without credit cards. The free trial offer enables the users send up to 20 e-mails per day with one email address. Users just need to create a login and then users can automatically receive an email with the login information.

With MYSMTPU.EU users can get an outgoing SMTP server that always works regardless of which network they are moving in. It can be used on all types of PC, tablets, mobile devices and smartphones. It guarantees a constant and sufficient service from any internet connection and maximum bandwidth and speed via high-performance cloud servers.

It gives users unlimited freedom to send mails around the world and an alternative mail connection that is known on all networks and therefore place users naturally in contact with the world. MYSMTPU.EU can be used with almost all email programs, which provide the option of using “authenticate” an outgoing mail server with a user name and password.

It has online manuals that make users setup easy and ready for Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook Express and Android to name a few. The outgoing mail server works anywhere in the world. MYSMTPU.EU is a market's leading SMTP mail server software provider which with its SMTP mail server software ensures problem free mail sending.

It plays an important role in providing excellent, speedy and flawless communication and offers dedicated SMTP server setup using one or more IP numbers never used before. A spokesperson for the organization says, “We offer a dedicated SMTP server setup using one or more IP numbers never used before. We guarantee best prices and service to get your mails to the inbox.”

It provides exclusive Email server SMTP or SMTP mail servers to clients depending upon their requirements and budget. Their subscriptions are valid from one month to one year at a time. The subscription is activated as soon as payment is done. The company accepts VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, JCB and PayPal for payments from clients. Best part with the services from the organization is that it provides complete safety to customers when they are buying with secure SSL protocol. .

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