MYSounds Wireless Launches Its First Ever Hybrid Headset, MYSounds FLAVORS

With the absence of a physical device and the ability to download MP3 music directly to the headset, MYSounds Wireless’ FLAVORS gives users the freedom to multitask effectively and stay entertained all the time.


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- MYSounds Wireless has launched a brand new hybrid headset called MYSounds FLAVORS, which consists of a robust headset without any device. The 'flavors' are reminiscent of the wide range of colors that this hybrid headset is available in. One of the most visible benefits of the MYSounds FLAVORS is the simple fact that one need not worry about the mess created by tangled wires. Besides, these headphones also eliminate the hassles involved in having to carry the device along everywhere.

Some of the vivid features that this pair of headphones boasts of include the built–in MP3 player, which enables users to directly download music into their headsets. It also consists of a Bluetooth and FM Radio. One can browse through their music collection on an LCD screen with the ability to download unlimited songs thanks to its SD Card storage slot. In addition to this, the MYSounds FLAVORS headsets churn out 8 – 10 hours of playback making it easier to take the headphones along when travelling.

"Traditionally headphones have always been the conductor for music to be heard. MYsounds is the source of it. Music is an art, in its purest form. I'm just blessed to be able to turn my art into my business." -Brandon Doswell

MYSounds Wireless is also planning a series of launch parties for its revolutionary hybrid headsets, which will be thrown in select cities like Pittsburg, NYC, ATL, MIA, Las Vegas, California and the likes.

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About MYsounds Wireless
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa, MYsounds Wireless was created in 2011 by Brandon Doswell. The company had a successful launched in legendary Quad Studios in Times Square NYC and has sponsored countless music events in Pittsburgh and also a TV series (The Sentient). This enabled the company to sell online. MYsounds will be in big box stores soon in 2016.

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