Mystic Molly on Beyond the Bridge with Samantha Jones

Live Wednesday February 1, 2023 at 10am PST, join Samantha Jones as she interviews, TikTok's Mystic Molly.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2023 -- Molly Zancanaro, aka Mystic Molly, never felt she truly had a purpose until roughly two years ago. Growing up in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, she always felt different and drawn to spirituality and the metaphysical way of life. Molly worked in retail for many years but didn't feel like she really fit in anywhere. That was, until her spiritual awakening. After her awakening, Molly started doing tarot readings on TikTok for fun and as a form of distraction, while her 16 year old daughter, Madeline, was on her own healing journey. Molly's readings took off so much that she was able to start her own spiritual based business and quit her full-time job to be at home more with Madeline. Opening up her spiritual side has helped her follow the path the universe has laid out for her, which includes being a tarot reader, certified yoga teacher, a level three Reiki practitioner, and a spiritual advisor. She loves reading tarot and being of service everyday, to help lead people towards their authentic path, healing, and stepping into their divine feminine power. Molly says that since her awakening she has "never felt more alive than I do now and I'm super grateful." Some of her interests include crystals, nature, traveling, music is being around animals, spell work, reading, yoga and anything supernatural.

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