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Mystic Scripts introduces the rashi calculator and nakshatra calculator


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Astrology and numerology are sciences that have been part of our civilization since generations. Astrology is used by people in day to day lives to forecast and predict future events to some extent. Astrology can influence the attitude and response of everyone in their everyday events. Mystic Scripts is a site that covers various aspects of astrological sciences. Mystic Scripts has recently launched two apps, namely rashi calculator and nakshatra calculator.

The new online nakshatra calculator is offered absolutely free for interested individuals on Mystic Scripts. It helps you find your nakshatra. The nakshatra has certain personality and character attributes. It has a great impact on the luck element connected to an individual’s life. The website explains how the western birth star calculator is different from the nakshatra calculator. It also defines the benefits of using a nakshatra calculator and how it affects an individual’s life. It also helps find the right gemstone for the person. This nakshatra calculator can be accessed for free at By entering the name and the birth details of a person into the spaces provided one can easily obtain his/her nakshatra profile. This app from Mystic scripts is very fast and free of cost. The website also displays reviews from people who have utilised this app.

Yet another interesting app from Mystic Scripts is the rashi calculator which enlightens on an individual’s character and behavioural traits. Mystic Scripts helps in understanding your rashi and teaches how a rashi chart helps you. Mystic Scripts elucidates how this chart helps to know more about career and profession. The rashi calculator also helps in finding the most appropriate gemstone for a person. This exciting app from Mystic Scripts helps in procuring the astrological moon sign profile of an individual. This also helps in finding the moon sign compatibility of people. At Mystic Scripts one can immediately access the rashi calculator totally free by just following the link The rashi profile of a person would be produced immediately upon entering the birth details into the space provided.

Mystic Scripts discusses about various sciences through its website. The different areas covered by this site are astrology, numerology, tarot, daily horoscope, oracle, health, palmistry, personality test, compatibility, Feng shui, gemology etc.

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