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Myth-Busting New Book Dispels Traditional Christian Doctrine

Written by Enel Malakrist, ‘Heaven to Earth’ is a compelling argument against the centuries-old errors surrounding the Virgin Mary’s role in the conception of Jesus. Offering new facts to challenge the status quo, ‘Heaven to Earth’ is Malakrist’s answer to those who have elevated the Virgin Mary as a deity and revered her position within the Church.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Challenging the teachings of the Christian religion is not an easy task, but Enel Malakrist feels called to do so. In his new book, ‘Heaven to Earth’, Malakrist seeks to reveal the truth of the word of God – a truth he contends has been miscommunicated throughout history.

“The way by which Christ came into the world is not represented correctly by the church,” says the author. “It’s fascinating, because as I show in my book – and prove through Scripture – the Virgin Mary was a surrogate mother of Jesus. However, the myths that surround the Virgin Mary have become so prevalent that the church now erroneously gives her a share of God’s divine work of redemption and the salvation of man.”

Through meticulous research and careful fact checking, Malakrist argues against many commonly held beliefs, including the time of Jesus’ birth, the validity of the Gregorian calendar and the concept of incarnation.

“The people of God need correction according to righteousness,” says Malakrist. “That’s the reason I wrote this book, and I believe it is the only one out there today that is equipped with the facts to challenge the church on these subjects.”


The author takes the reader into the realm of the unknown and mysterious world of the supernatural, and highlights the interaction of the spiritual with the natural. The book highlights the redemption of man; and relates how God came to earth 2000 years ago in Bethlehem, Judea manifested in the form of a man. The author gives new revelations on the conception of the Virgin Mary, and proves from Scripture that the Virgin Mary was not biological mother of Jesus. The author rejects the concept of incarnation and dismisses the idea that God in Christ was in Mary's womb from the time of her conception. The doctrine of incarnation although a foundation doctrine of the Church it is biblically unsound. The author gives new divine revelations on how God became man. The author focuses on the time of the birth of Jesus. He researched the period of Herod the Great gives a definitive year and month when Jesus was born based on Caesar's second empire wide census as recorded by the ancient Roman historians and the Bible. The author also presented the genealogy of Jesus to show a dynastic transition from Solomon's line to Nathan's line; and also presented a new Messianic calendar based on the correct year when Jesus was born.

As the author explains, writing ‘Heaven to Earth’ was an experience unlike any he’s ever had before.

“It felt right,” says Malakrist. “It felt as if I was putting the truth on paper, and being guided by the Divine. I know that someone had to work to dispel these myths and legends and I feel blessed that I was able to do so. My feeling is that the church has taken a bypath, and my book serves to inform and correct the ways of believers.”

‘Heaven to Earth’ will be released soon.

About the Author: The author lives in Georgia.