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Mythic Scribes Makes Writing Fantasy a Reality for People Everywhere


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2012 -- For those who aspire to become a published author, there is no task more monumental than writing a first, full novel. Shaping characters and creating a whole distinct world over many hundreds of pages is an epic task. Sadly, many who begin find themselves facing countless challenges and, often, they don’t complete what they set out to achieve.

The sad fact is that many aspiring authors toil away in relative privacy, disconnected from the sense of community other professions and hobbies take for granted. The huge effort of creating a complete story with little to no outside input is an enormous hardship and its little wonder that the majority of these books never see the light of day.

Thankfully, a new online community has opened its doors to prospective writers everywhere. By encouraging open, honest discussion and providing a place where developing writers can collaborate, Mythic Scribes has become one of the leading destinations online for those committed to writing a book.

With a special focus on the fantasy genre, Mythic Scribes staff members are the first to admit that writing can be a daunting task. “You may have a fresh idea for a story, but the actual task of putting it in writing can appear daunting,” they confirm. By allowing writers from all corners to come together in their popular writing forums, Mythic Scribes encourages users to share their experience of writing and in doing so understand that they’re not alone in facing a task which, some days, seems insurmountable.

Additionally, experienced authors play a strong mentoring role within the Mythic Scribes landscape, both actively participating in forum discussions and contributing to a large article database on all things writing. For those eager to learn how to write a book, the assistance provided by those who’ve successfully walked the path before is invaluable and it’s something that Mythic Scribes provides in spades.

In a breaking announcement, Mythic Scribes has also confirmed the launch of a live chat feature for writers. Aimed at facilitating quick and easy collaboration between authors, this is yet another string to the bow of Mythic Scribes, furthering their quest to assist an ever-growing membership.

So for all those prospective writers with an idea they hope will set the fantasy world on fire, it’s easy to see how Mythic Scribes could be the place in which a successful career as an author is forged. From their helpful forums, articles from industry veterans and even advice on how to get published, it’s easy to see why hopeful writers from all corners are making a beeline to MythicScribes.com.

About Mythic Scribes
Mythic Scribes was founded as the premier online community for fantasy writers and enthusiasts. Providing a platform by which experienced and novice writers can communicate, collaborate and share ideas, Mythic Scribes is dedicated to fostering a strong sense amongst writers that they are not alone. Finally, people from all over the world can share both the joys and struggles of writing, all thanks to MythicScribes.com. For more information, visit http://www.mythicscribes.com