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Myths and Mortals RPG Brings Exciting Greek Mythology Adventure to Web Browsers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2012 -- Thousands of gamers are clamoring to play the exciting new Myths and Mortals RPG at MythsandMortals.com. The browser-based fantasy game brings unparalleled adventures and battles of Greek Mythology Games to the Web for novice and experienced gamers.

As humans battle over petty grievances, the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus grow Weaker. In an act of desperation, the Gods reintroduce the ancient ways where mortals fight the battles between good and evil. This is the basic premise of the exciting new browser-based fantasy game known as Myths and Mortals. The new game brings epic battles, adventures and stunning surreal landscapes to gamers via browser gameplay. “Greek Mythology Games have been a cornerstone of gaming for some time, and we’ve created a browser-based game that rivals other RPGs with varied landscapes, intricate storylines and epic battles,” said a Myths and Mortals game designer.

In Myths and Mortals, the temples of the Gods have been rebuilt and a new Oracle at Delphi guides young heroes on their quests to do bidding of the Greek Gods. The Oracle’s New Hero Quests get the player started with the game’s features and provide a bonus reward for successful completion. Players move up in rank or level from "Mortal" through "Element” by offering tribute to their Patron—one of the 12 Olympian gods with temples in a variety of ancient cities.

Players gain experience by attacking and leaving other Heroes, doing Deeds, Jail Busting or Robbing Residences. The two types of deeds include acts of kindness and acts of cruelty, yet both are dependent on labor, wisdom and level. “New Heroes concentrate on Attacking and Deeds as their primary sources of experience,” said the developer.

Earn money in the ever-changing Labyrinth and use plundered coin to get out of the Infirmary or Jail. Pit your Tribe against others in Tribal Wars, take on all comers in the Gladiator Tournaments, Craft your own Residence upgrades and Regalia armors, sell your wares in the Heroes Pavilion and carve out a name for yourself among the Legendary Her. Depart Charon’s Dock and travel the River Styx to the Fields of Asphodel for a short break, or to the Judgment Pavilion to see those already sent to Tartarus for their rules infractions.

Myths and Mortals players can also head to Persephone’s Garden for treasures or Hades Palace and Temple for untold adventures and danger. The game provides tutorials, a help desk and online message board. “Players must be 17 to play and need only fill out an online registration form to start the adventure of a lifetime” said the developer. For more information and to sign up today, please visit http://www.mythsandmortals.com

About Myths and Mortals
The browser-based fantasy RPG brings Greek Mythology Games to life as Heroes traverse stunning surreal landscapes on quests for the Gods. Players must do battle, plunder and perform deeds to gain experience and level up in the game as they earn coin while gaining training and experience. Players must be 17 and fill out an online registration form.