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Naarak Studio Releases Its Disk Xray Software for Mac OS X


Poznan, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Naarak-Studio - a leading provider of digital software solutions for Mac OS X –has made available Disk Xray a three module disk utility.  The disk utility combines a disk usage statistics view, a duplicate file and folder finder and a file cleanup tool into one app.  The utility is one of several apps developed by Naarak-Studio for Mac OS X users.  "Disk Xray is an excellent way of keeping a computer in a good working condition.  Using the application is quite easy, even for beginners, due to its straight forward design and easy to understand controls," says Frederick Baron of FindMySoft.

First, Disk Xray lets users scan their entire system. "Disk Xray can scan every kind of drive connected to your computer including HDD and SSD drives, connected network drives, USB, Thunderbolt and Firewire devices (CD/DVD, pendrive, external HDD), memory cards and more," says Disk Xray's developer Grzegorz Staszczyk.  The app visually displays this information in a colorful and easy to read graphic.  The process begins by the user first selecting a folder or drive, then clicking on it and finally starting the scan.  Results are then displayed revealing which folders are taking up the most resources.

The next function is as a duplicate file and folder finder.  Duplicate files and folders can clutter up a user's computers and slow it down significantly.  These files scan be pictures, documents, music or other type of file.  Disk Xray enables its users to find – as a result of a scan – these files that muddle up needed space.  This can aid users in determining where that clutter is and whether or not to delete it.

The final module is a disk cleaner.  After determining how resources are being allocated, finding and isolating duplicate files and folders and other clutter, users can then begin the process of reclaiming space on their drives.  Disk Xray cleans unwanted files beyond just the recycle bin or web browser caches.  It cleans download folders, application logs and other places as well.

Disk Xray requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.  It is fully compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan and comes in two versions:  The first version is for a single license user and cost $12.99.  Users are also able to buy a site license version of the app to be used on an unlimited number of computers.  

Download link: Size: 4.26 DMG file.

About Naarak Studio
Established in 1999, Naarak-Studio is a leading developer of innovative software solutions for Mac OS X.  They have also developed software for MAC OS 9 and are continuously developing future Mac OSs. Naarak-Studio has solid experience in using cutting edge techniques with flexibility, agility and decisiveness.  Their goal is to help users achieve maximum productivity.

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Contact Information:
Martin Suriyo, CEO
Poznan, Poland