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Nada Worry's Burton Hathaway Braves -50 Surfing Temps


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Burton Hathaway is a California native, but he has embraced the attitude embodied by Nada Worry in taking on any surf conditions, including that of extreme cold. Recently Hathaway and ten other surfers braved the frigid waters of Lake Superior for a winter surfing session in which temperatures plunged to -50 F with wind chill factored in.

Calling it the “coldest surf session in history,” Nada Worry president Adam Meyer offered support for Hathaway and his team. “We are proud to see Burton embody the spirit of Nada Worry and showing us all what it means to “love what you do.”,” said Meyer. Nada Worry’s spirit is also embodied in the company’s apparel line that offers premium lids.

Burton Hathaway was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, but has lived the past eight years in the Midwest. He brings to the Great Lakes his West Coast surfing experience and meshes well with surfers from Wisconsin and other locations when it comes to taking on new surfing challenges.

This session may have been one of Hathway’s toughest, however. With ambient air temperatures of -15 F, he and the other surfers were forced to cover any exposed skin with petroleum jelly to prevent frostbite as well as to wear full wetsuits to prevent freezing in the icy water.

Hathaway was complimentary of the other surfers with whom he spent the day. He described Stoney Point, Minnesota, as “a beautiful point break that comes out of deep water . . . it’s a well-known spot . . . basically the Mecca of Great Lakes surfing.” Hathaway also said that the recent surfing session was the coldest he had ever surfed in.

Nada Worry is proud to sponsor Hathaway as part of its team and one of the people who embody the Nada Worry lifestyle and spirit.

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As a premier headwear line, Nada Worry also sponsors athletes, known as Ambassadors,” who reflect the company’s values of bringing passion and excitement to everything in life and really love what you do.

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