Expert SEO Corp Opens with Revolutionary Professional Training


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- Eyebrows have always been one of the most expressive facial features that allow anyone to drastically improve their appearance and also act as a strong fashion statement.

Nadine Pro Salon has recently opened to offer beauty professionals high quality training in a revolutionary, non-invasive technique called Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building & Sculpting. This is an exciting and completely new treatment in the beauty industry.

Sleek Brows 3D,  is more than just eyebrow grooming, it is a perfected technique of creating and sculpting brows to a desired shape and fullness, working with the natural eyebrow shape, rather than against it.

Skilled Technicians, strive to achieve the perfect symmetry using the patented 3D Sleek Brow technology, which is the secret of young looking and beautiful brows. This technology is unique in the industry and comprises two separate methods.

The first involves placing real brow hairs onto the existing brow, creating definition and fullness. The second method which uses a special 3D textured paint, is expertly applied in light strokes to give the brow a beautiful 3D appearance, shape and fullness.

Beauty professionals after completion of the course will be able to create the most desirable brows, using these new sculpting and building techniques.

Sleek Brow Technicians are trained to very high standards with a strong emphasis on self-development and acquiring new skills. The goal is to allow them to offer their clients a high level of service and allow the professional to develop a successful and financially rewarding business.

If you are considering undergoing training in a new skill, offering an alternative type of brow treatment or wish to find out how Sleek Brow training can help your business, visit

The website also offers industry news and an on-line store, where the growing number of professional technicians offering the service may sign up for special offers and further training to develop their business further.

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