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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2018 -- Nagler Foot Center Houston was founded by Dr. Sherman Nagler, a respected podiatrist who brings with him immense knowledge and expertise in the medical field. The superior guidance and foundation upon which this center was built gives the facility a competitive edge making it the ultimate go-to location for professional assistance. Nagler Foot Center Houston specializes in the treatment of disorders that affect the ankle, lower leg, and foot for all patients regardless of their age.

Talking about their assurance of quality services, the Center's Medical Officer said, "When looking for a foot doctor, more than anything else, you need to go to a doctor with immense experience. Doctor Sherman Nagler is among the most renowned podiatrists in Texas with his records open for the public to view and analyze. In settling for our services, you are choosing superior solutions which have been tried, tested, and approved. The greatest strength we have as a center is not simply in the amazing results that are guaranteed, but in the personalized care given to all our patients."

Hammertoe is a medical condition where there is a deformation of the second, third, or fourth toe in one or both feet. The name hammertoe arises from the shape that the deformed toe takes as it appears similar to a hammer. The search for the best doctor for hammertoe surgery in Houston comes to an end at Nagler Foot Center Houston where hundreds of individuals have found great relief. All classification of hammertoe both rigid and flexible is treatable by surgery that can involve tendon transfer, amputation, joint re-sectioning, and fusion.

Responding to inquiries about his unique cosmetic incision procedure, Dr. Sherman Nagler said, "There are many ways to conduct foot surgery with some procedures more common than others. Most patients, however, prefer a process that will result in minimal visible scarring which is why most people come to the bunionectomy we offer using a special cosmetic incision. A major difference is that unlike other procedures, we make the incision on the inside of the foot as opposed to the top. This is a unique procedure which is highly sought after given there are few doctors who perform it to perfection."

There are several conditions which affect the foot that calls for the attention of a professional given that most of the problems tend to get worse as time goes by. Nagler Foot Center Houston is providing access to the best podiatrists in Houston who have all the required qualifications and know-how to treat any condition. The extensive services offered by this center cover all discomforts, pains, injuries, and deformities to the feet with treatment provided after analysis of the condition.

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Nagler Foot Center Houston is a leading podiatry center providing clients with medical solutions for all foot, ankle, and lower leg disorders covering both clinical and surgery processes to achieve complete recovery.

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